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2023-01-15 19:42:11 (UTC)


The israel been in the wilderness for 40 years with Moses. They eats God's given food from the above calls manna. Command by Moses, each day manna good for the day, should not keep over night. i must keep this fate if ever i send to the wilderness, i must share it. If its all by myself, i would not fear hunger. By it, i surrender, and pave with repentence.
I should not give thoughts to the past Ancient time, how God punishes and the miracles by His divine plan. I should not blame the problems of present life. I thanks for everything i have now. I hope to keep going with what i have. But i let my excuse known, to defined myself for certainty by looking back and it was all given with the choices i made. Ya this wilderness i must do my best to help others, not to hunger. This is Exodus 16.