The Dairy Of Oblivion
2023-01-15 02:06:31 (UTC)


Oh well. Lying to me just to avoid talking to me wasn’t the best choice. I’m not that damn stupid to see if you’ve seen my messages, I’m not that dumb to not see your active status has changed. M. why are you doing this to me, talking to you feels like talking to a stranger. Now I’m damn sure he already replaced me, he always used to text with me all day all night and now he prefers to lie than have a normal conversation with me. I still remember how once he told me he hates lying, especially to me. It’s funny how quick things can change :) Lol there’s still a chance something different happend and I’m just overreacting but unfortunately I fucking feel I’m right. Everything is crumbling, I want my old life back goddamnit