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A Mallory Towers Christmas (10,448 wds)

A Mallory Towers Christmas
D’Arc Tangent

The girls of Mallory Towers Boarding School and saying their goodbyes for the Christmas break. Ellen, the prankish black girl, and her friend Sally, the studious one, are joining their petite friend, the bespectacled Mary-Lou, who is shorter than the two black girls, but with long blonde hair, at her grandmother’s home for the Christmas, are wishing Wilhemena, or Bill, and Jean good-bye, while the snobbish and spoiled Gwendoline is off having a discussion with her father, when Headmistress Miss Grayling gives the precocious Darrell Rivers some bad news.

“I am sorry Darrell.” Miss Grayling said, “But the bridge into London is washed out. Your parents will not be able to pick you up for Christmas. Matron and I will make sure you are comfortable, but you are going to have to stay at Mallory Towers for the holidays.”

“I understand Miss Grayling.” Darrell said, but the disappointment was clear on her face.

“But father,” Gwendoline Macy said, “Why can’t I come home for Christmas?”

“Gwen,” Mr. Lacey said, “I am sorry, but your mother and I are dealing with some issues. I am sorry, but Miss Grayling has assured me you will be well taken care of. I will see you after the holidays, but it is not a good time for you to be home just now.”

Gwen broke free from her father and ran into the school, as Darrell watched on in confusion.

As the girls started to head to their parent’s vehicles, Bill and Jean ran up to Darrell.

“Darrell, you are more than welcome to join Jean and I at my home for Christmas. One more won’t matter.”

“Thank You Bill.” Darrell said, “But it is only for a few days. Once the bridge is cleared, my folks will pick me up, but you are so sweet to offer. Thank You.” and she hugged Bill and Jean, and said, “I will see you both in the new year. Happy Holidays.” and she hugged them again, then Mary-Lou, Sally and Ellen came over to say their good-byes.

“Are you going to be alright by yourself Darrell?” Mary-Lou said. For being the smallest of the girls, Mary-Lou, with her long blonde hair and glasses, had the biggest heart of all the girls in the dorm.

“Thank You Mary-Lou, and you to, Sally and Ellen. I am going to be alright. It is only for a few days. Not even I can get into too much trouble in that time.” Darrell smiled a wicked smile, and she hugged her friends.

Sally, Ellen and Mary-Lou boarded the bus to the train station, while Jean and Bill headed by car across the moors to Bill’s house. Darrell started toward Mallory Towers when she ran into Matron Davies, the woman who oversaw the day-to-day functions of the school.

“Darrell, glad to have seen you. Miss Grayling and I must go into town for supplies. Do not worry, Ron, our stable-boy, will be here, and Gwendoline Lacey will be staying as well, so you won’t be alone. We will return as soon as possible.”

“Gwen is going to be staying here?” and her voice was tinged with surprise, and dismay. It has not been hidden that Gwen and Darrell were oil and water. They just did not go together, but Darrell swallowed her dismay, and smiled at Matron Davies, “Thank You Matron.” Darrell said and returned to the school as Matron Davies and Miss Grayling drove off to town.

Gwendoline Lacey sat in her room, looking over the letter her mother had sent with her father to explain why she could not come home over the holidays, and a tear dripped over the paper. Darrell entered the room the girls shared and saw Gwen sitting on her bed.

“I guess we are going to be roommates over the holidays.” Darrell said. Smiling at Gwen, trying to be nice to her. She always tried. Always gave her the benefit of the doubt, but Gwen seemed to go out of her way to alienate those around her. Tried to make herself the most important member of her dorm, and despite all this, the girls in the dorm tried to be friends. For almost six years they tried to make Gwen one of them, and every time, she rebuffed, or betrayed them.

“I do not know what you are talking about Darrell.” Gwen spat out, “My father just had business in London. He will be back later today to pick me up. I will not suffer another day in the same room as you.”

“Sorry. Matron said …"

“Well Matron must have mis-heard. I will not spend any more time than is necessary here.” and with that, Gwen stormed out of the room, leaving Darrell alone and angry.

Mary-Lou, Ellen and Sally were on their way to the train station when there was a loud bang and the bus stopped.

“Sorry Folks.” the driver said, “Just a flat. ‘ave ‘er fixed in a jiff.” and left to fix the tire.

“Are we going to make the train?” Sally asked.

“I am sure we have time.” Mary-Lou said, always optimistic.

It wasn’t too long before the driver was back, and they were on their way. The bus pulled into the parking area of the train station and unloaded the baggage. The three friends grabbed their bags and rushed for the train, just as it was pulling out of the station.

“Oh dear!” Mary-Lou said, “Grandmother will be so worried.”

“There will not be another train for two days.” Sally said, “Darrell is staying at Mallory Towers, why don’t we head back to the school, and you can call your grandmother to let her know what happened.”

“There is a storm coming in.” Ellen said, “So I think that is our best bet. We should go back to the school. We will be safe and warm.”

“I agree.” Mary-Lou said, “We go back to school, and I can call Grandmother from there, and we can keep Darrell company over the holiday.”

“I think the bus back to Mallory Towers is in half an hour. That should get us back to school by six.” Sally said, and the three friends headed back to the parking lot.

Darrell stood at the second-floor window of Mallory Towers and watched as Matron and Miss Grayling left on their errand, turned, and walked to the dormitory. She was looking forward to getting out of the stiff yellow linen dress that was her Mallory Towers uniform, and into something more comfortable, but first, she needed a shower. Darrell opened her chest at the foot of her bed and pulled out some feminine lingerie that she would never have worn under her Mallory Towers uniform, but that she bought when she was in London for her eighteenth birthday. She also pulled out a white blouse and pair of slacks, something else Mallory Towers frowned upon as not proper women’s clothing. With her bundle of clothes, she made her way to the shower room. Darrell placed her bundle of clothes on the bench and started to undo the buttons on her dress.

Her dressed dropped to the ground, and she unhooked the stiff utilitarian bra she wore at the school and let that fall to the ground before sliding out of her cotton panties, and socks. She placed her clothes in the hamper and turned on the water. The initial jolt of cold water splashed her skin, dimpling her flesh and pebbling her nipples before the hot water finally made its way through the pipes, and covered Darrell in its warmth. As she rubbed her body with the soapy washcloth, she took in the simple pleasures of touching her body. Coming into womanhood at an all-girls school lends itself to some self-exploration that is generally frown upon by the staff so taking this opportunity to relieve some of her desires was most welcome.

Darrell finished washing, and towelled off as she stared out the window, when she spotted Ron, the stable-boy, outside and immediately moved out of the window in case he saw her, and with her back to the wall, she smiled at the thought that he just might have seen her. “How wonderfully naughty would it have been if he did.” Darrel thought to herself, and giggled a little, before putting the towel in the hamper, and got dressed. Darrell walked to the main the level, looking for Gwen, but her father must have already picked her up, so Darrell went to the kitchen to see if Miss Grayling had returned.

Gwendoline sat in the conservatory, at the piano, and cried. She was not looking forward to staying here over the holiday and finding out that Darrell Rivers was going to be here as well just angered her even more, but now she was committed to the lie. How could she be here, and Darrell be here, without her lie being discovered, and when Miss Grayling returned, everything would come crashing down.

“Whatever am I to do?” She said softly to no one when Ron popped his head in the door and whispered, “Great Granny?”

Hearing Ron, Gwendoline tried to hide under the grand piano as Ron walked in the room.

“Great Granny?” he called again, a little louder, but still very quiet, then he saw the yellow dress under the piano, and moved to the instrument, and crouched down to look what was under there.

“Gwen?” Ron called, and Gwendoline backed away, and stood up, keeping the piano between them.

“Gwen? Why are you still here?” Ron asked.

“I am waiting for my father to take me home.” Gwen said, swallowing her tears and straightening her back.

“There is a storm coming in Gwen.” Ron explained, “I don’t think anyone is coming back. Are you sure?” as Ron moved around the piano, closer to Gwendoline.

Gwendoline flung herself into Ron’s arms and broke down.

“Oh Ron,” She cried into his shoulder, “They don’t want me.”

Ron stroked her hair, and held her close as he said, “Who doesn’t want you?”

“Mother and Father.” she continued to sob, “They are not coming back for me. I am all alone.”

“You are not alone, Gwen.” Ron comforted her, “I am here.” and as Gwendoline lifted her head, Ron could see the tears flowing down her cheek, and he absently wiped them away, staring into her moist blue eyes. Gwendoline choked back sobs as she smiled at Ron.

“Thank you, Ron.” She said, “You are ever so kind.” and she watched his mouth, the way his lips moved when he smiled, and how red, and full they looked, and she moved closer to him, and brushed her lips against his.

Ron pulled back from the sudden touch, and Gwendoline hung her head.

“I, I am sorry Ron. Forgive me for being so brazen.”

“It is me who should apologize.” Ron said, “I was just startled, but it was nice.” then he brushed his thumb over her bottom lip and closed in, his lips touching hers, his mouth open just a slit as he covered her mouth with his. Gwendoline reciprocated. The feelings of abandonment opening her up to this show of the affection she seldom received at home, and she locked her mouth over his, and they kissed deeply and passionately.

Gwendoline held Ron’s strong arms in her hands, then brazenly she lowered her hand down his body, and grasped his buttocks in her hands and squeezed. She was suddenly aware of how aroused he was, and she pulled back, and bowed her head again, saying softly, “I … I did not know you felt like this Ron.”

“You are a very beautiful woman, Gwen.” Ron said.

Gwendoline raised her head, and looked Ron in the eyes, and started to undo the buttons on her dress.

Ron closed in, and put his hands over hers, and said, “Do you know what you are doing Gwen?”

“For the first time in my life, I am very sure about what I am doing. Ron, I want you. I want you to, to make, I, I want you to make me a woman.”

Ron finished unbuttoning Gwendoline's dress, and pushed it open, and over her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor as Gwendoline stood in her white cotton socks, white cotton bra and panties, then dropped to his knees to pull those panties down, exposing the soft blonde down between her legs.

Ron used his thumbs to open her up, and slid his tongue inside Gwendoline, who held his head as her legs started to buckle.

“My God Ron. I have never felt this before. I need you inside me. Please.”

Ron helped her out of her panties, as Gwendoline unhooked her bra, and laid back on the hardwood floor, her knees bent, and spread open for him.

Ron undressed, first sliding his suspenders over his shoulders, and pulling up his shirt, exposing his hard body. He then opened his belt and pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion, stepping out of pile of clothes, his erection in full view as Gwendoline’s eyes widened.

“Is that even going to fit inside me?” she said as Ron kneeled before her and covered her body with his. He ran his fingers over her slit, and the moistness he felt told him she was ready. He guided his shaft into her, and Gwendoline winced as he drove deep inside her, whining a little as her maidenhead was ripped, then a complete calm ran over her as she felt the fullness of his manhood thrusting deep inside her. Ron was very controlled in his lovemaking. He was slow, and methodical, gauging her responses to each of his thrusts, waiting for the time when this young virgin was close, which did not take long, and as he felt her vagina close over him, he released himself into her, and covered her mouth with his hand as she cried out in ecstasy, tears streaming down her cheeks from the pleasure, her body quivering, her legs week, as Ron rolled off her body and pulled her close to him.

“Oh Ron.” Gwendoline said, “That was incredible.” then she rolled on her side, resting her head on her hand as she suddenly looked very stern and serious as she said, “But no one can ever know of this. No one. I have a reputation to uphold. Promise me that you will not tell anyone what we did her today.”

Ron made a locking motion at his lips, then kissed Gwendoline and said, “I will not tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me, as always.”

Then Gwendoline sat up straight, and turned to Ron and said, “Why are you here?”

Ron sat up straight up as well and said, “Great Granny Mary. I was taking her home, when I stopped to fill the automobile, and she snuck back her to Mallory Towers. I am sorry Gwen. I had a wonder time, and you are a very beautiful woman, but I must find Great Granny Mary. Forgive me, but I need to go.”

“It is alright Ron. You helped me through a very hard time. Thank You, but if you see Darrell, do not let her know I am here.”

Ron was dressing as he talked, and Gwendoline admired his muscular body, and firm ass, and the now flaccid manhood that just moments ago was the perpetrator of her first orgasm. She smiled as Ron left, then realized she was feeling very tender as she dressed.

The bus pulled up to the stop just outside Mallory Towers and the driver said, “Careful out there ladies. Storms a-commin', an’ I won’t be back today.” as Sally, Ellen and Mary-Lou exited the vehicle. As the bus drives away, Sally notices the lights are off in Mallory Towers.

“Where is everyone?” Sally asks as they walk up to the dark school.

“Miss Grayling’s car is gone. Maybe they went for supplies and that is why there are fewer lights on.” Mary-Lou said, “If it is only Darrell in there, I am sure she isn’t going to have all the lights on.”

As the girls made their way to the front door, Ellen opened the large wooden doors, and was met by darkness and silence. The group moved into the great hall and turned the switch to turn on the lights, flooding the great hall in the light of the chandeliers. As they stood in the great hall, Sally thought she heard a noise.

“What was that?” she said as she turned her head in the direction of the sound.

“Darrell?” Mary-Lou asked.

“It could be.” Sally said. “We should check it out.”

“I need to call grandma. Let her know we were delayed but safe.” Mary-Lou said.

“Ellen, you and Mary-Lou find a phone, and I will investigate the noise.” Sally said.

“Alright.” Ellen said, “But let us say, no matter what we find, we meet in our dormitory in an hour.”

“Agreed.” Sally said, and she headed off to the west wind as the other two headed toward the east wing.

As Sally slowly stalked through the great manse, she called out in quiet whispers, “Darrell?”. Stopping every so often to listen for a response. Each time she stopped, she listened, and was met with silence. Sally came upon the library, and thought she heard a noise yet again, and stopped to listen. She was sure she heard a voice, but it was faint, so she slowly opened the library door and peered into the darkened room. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw movement by the window. Not wanting to tip her hand to whomever, or whatever, was in the room, she slowly entered the library, and closed the door behind her, listening intently to the emptiness of the room. Sally slipped her shoes off to lessen the sound of her footsteps, and stalked into the library, listening for whatever she thought she saw. As she moved silently through the large room, she had a feeling of a presence. It was close, and with lightening reflexes, Sally launched herself at the presence, connecting with something solid, and driving it to the ground. As she sat atop the mass in the dark, she could hear heavy breathing, and in her hands, she felt strong wrists, and under her spread legs she could feel a strong body.

Sally jumped up and reached for the desk lamp, flicking the switch, bathing a small circle of the room in light, and she saw Ron, the stable-boy, laying on his back.

“What the hell?” Ron called out, “What are you doing here?”

“We missed our train.” Sally said, “So Ellen and Mary-Lou and I came back until the storm passed. Then I heard a noise. I thought it was Darrell, but the school was so dark.”

“And you decided to investigate a strange sound, in a dark school, by yourself?” Ron smiled, “You are a very brave woman.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Sally said, suddenly very interested in her feet.

Ron closed the distance between them and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “You came into a dark room. I could have been a ghost, or a burglar, and you tackled me to the ground. I think you are, without a doubt, the bravest Mallory Girl I have met.” and saying that he kissed the top of her brown, curly-haired head.

Sally looked into Ron’s eyes and smiled.

“Thank You, Ron.” She said, as she absently cupped his cheek in her hand, “You are too kind.” and then without really knowing why, she stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him tenderly.

As Sally pulled back from the kiss, she smiled and looked away, but Ron cupped her chin, and turned her face to his, and kissed her back, with more than a little more passion than she exhibited, and as their mouths covered each other, Sally pulled herself into Ron’s body, holding him tight. As Sally held him tight, Ron reached behind her, and undid the button on the back of her dress and slid the zipper down. Sally could feel the metal fastener sliding down her back, and continued kissing him until she felt it stop, then pulling away, she lifted the dress by the shoulders and allowed it to float to her feet. The white lacey bra was a striking contrast to her cocoa brown skin, and as she slipped her panties off, Ron was very surprised to see that she was clean between her legs. Sally noticed that Ron was fixated on her nether region and offered an explanation.

“Mother has many fashion magazines, and they talked about waxing, so she took me to try it out, I liked how it looked, so I kept the routine. Do you like it?”

As Ron dropped to his knees, he looked into her eyes and said, “May I?” as he pointed toward her vagina.

“Please.” Sally replied, and Ron closed his mouth over her cunt and licked. His tongue slipped into the wet slit. Sally held his head as she spread her legs wider so Ron could reach her better. Soon, he stopped with his tongue and slid his fingers into her. Sally winced at the sensation and thrust her hips forward to drive him deeper into her. Her breath was coming in ragged gulps, and she pushed him away, her heart beating wildly in her chest, but before Ron could question her actions, she started to undo his belt and pull down his zipper, then fishing inside his trousers, she pulled out his hardening penis, and took it in her mouth. Ron placed his hands under his buttocks and lifted his hips to her so Sally could stroke him easier.

Sally stroked his stiff manhood as her mouth sucked on the head, running her tongue over his slit. She could tell he was trying to withhold ejaculation, but she wasn’t having any of it. She stroked and sucked and used her free hand to cup his testicles until he finally had no choice but to cum in her mouth. Sally sat back on her heels, bent her head back, and swallowed his semen, then straddled his hips.

“Now, you do me.” she said, and guided his erection into her. Sally’s breathing became ragged again as he drove his shaft deep into her, or she drove her body deeper onto him. After a while, who was fucking who became irrelevant as the two pleasured each other until they both orgasmed. The room, large as it was, smelled of sex and sweat, and the two lovers were drenched in each other’s fluids. Sally slipped her panties on, climbed into her dress, then kneeled beside Ron as she lifted her hair.

“Zip me up?” she asked, and Ron complied, before Sally turned to face her naked lover.

Sally kissed Ron, long and passionately, before she stood up and as she left the room, she blew him a kiss and whispered, “Don’t be a stranger.”

Ellen and Mary-Lou made their way to Miss Grayling’s office, and Mary-Lou reached for the phone. It was dead.

“It must be the storm.” Ellen said, “Keep trying. Maybe service will be restored soon.”

“Grandma must be so worried.” Mary-Lou said.

“I know, but there is not much we can do, and I am sure your grandma is trying hard to find out what happened to us, as we are trying to let her know. As soon as the phones come back, I am sure this phone will be ringing off the hook. Until then, are you hungry? I am starving.”

“Thank You Ellen, but no, I am too worried to eat.” Mary-Lou said.

“Well how about you stay here, and wait for the phonelines to come back, and I will see what we have to eat.” Ellen offered.

Mary-Lou hugged Ellen, and watched her leave, then picked up the phone again. Dead. She just dropped, as if her legs could no longer hold her, into the chair, put her head in her hands, and softly sobbed.

There was a soft knock on Miss Grayling’s door, and Ron said, “Hello?”

Mary-Lou looked up, her eyes all puffy with tears, her glasses fogged with those same tears. She took them off, and wiped them with a hanky from her purse, put them back on, then smiled, “Ron! What are doing here?”

Ron walked into the office and closed the door behind him. “The important question is why are you crying? You have always been the most cheerful Mallory Girl. What’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry Ron.” Mary-Lou said between muffled sobs, “We missed our train, and we came back to Mallory Towers to stay safe, but there is a storm, and I cannot reach my grandma to tell her I am alright.”

Ron took Mary-Lou's hand and had her stand up, then pulled her into a hug.

“I know how you feel. I am still here because my Great Granny took off and ran back here to Mallory Towers. I have been searching the whole school for her.”

“Oh Ron.” Mary-Lou said, hugging Ron harder, “That must be even more frightening for you, to know she is lost somewhere in this big place.”

“It is OK Mary-Lou.” Ron said, softly stroking her hair, which was laying loose, instead of the traditional braid she generally wore. He ran his fingers through the silky golden locks and pressed her head against his chest. Mary-Lou was one of the eldest of the students, but she was by far the tiniest.

Mary-Lou held him tight, breathing in his manly musk and comforted by his strength, and tenderness. She lifted her head and looked up at him, and as Ron looked into her eyes, he, too, smiled, then leaned down to kiss Mary-Lou, who was more than eager to reciprocate. As they kissed, Ron cupped her buttocks, lifting her slightly up and off the floor. She was so light, she felt like a little child, but she kissed like a full-grown woman. He opened his mouth slightly to allow her tongue inside, and they kissed with a passion he had not experienced before. He held her, lifting her off the floor, and she wrapped her legs around his torso. When Mary-Lou was confident he had a secure grip on her, she pulled away from the kiss, lifting her blouse out of her skirt, and pulling it over her head, throwing it to the floor as he long blonde hair flowed over the bright red lace bra that held her large, firm breasts. Although still so tiny, she was definitely the most developed woman at Mallory Towers. Ron lowered her back to her feet, hooked his fingers under the straps of her bra, and pulled them over her shoulders. Mary-Lou smiled and reached behind to undo the hooks, letting the enormous breasts free. Ron took one breast in his hand, and held it tenderly, running a thumb over the erect nipple, then mirrored the action with his other hand, amazed at the heft of them, so full, so firm. As he admired the fullness of her breasts, Mary-Lou began to undo his belt, and slip his suspenders over his shoulders and waited for the heavy denim to fall to the floor.

“Oh Ron, you are so huge.” Mary-Lou said, noticing his erection straining against his shorts. She pushed her skirt and panties over her hips, which were wide, and rounded, and framed her triangle of satiny blonde curls. “Take me Ron. Please. Drive these fears from my mind. Let me forget, even for a little while. Let me know happiness for once.”

Ron divested himself of his underwear, and lifted Mary-Lou onto Miss Grayling’s desk, and spread her legs open, sliding his stiff erection into her wet and wanting pussy. Mary-Lou hugged him as he entered her, pulling him tighter and her maidenhead was breached, and she bit her lower lip at the pain, then released her lock on him and leaned back, resting her body on her hands behind her back as Ron pounded into her, building the tempo, moving his hips upward with each thrust until he filled her with warmth, and their bodies were slick with sweat. Mary-Lou fell back on the desk, as Ron plopped onto the big leather chair.

“Oh God, Ron, that was incredible. Thank You. That is what I needed to distract me from all my troubles.”

Ron was winded. The exertions of the day were beginning to wear on him as he sat, still erect, in the chair, “I am, I, oh boy, I am just glad I could be of help.”

Mary-Lou slid off the desk, and as she turned around, said, “I am sure you can still be of help. I notice you still have a little get-up left.” and with her back to Ron, she reached behind, grabbed his erect cock, and glided it into her pussy, biting her lower lip as he slid deep inside her. Ron just sat in the chair, his legs spread out, and his hands on Mary-Lou's hips as she bounced up and down on his erection until he released his load deep inside her. Mary-Lou stifled the scream building up in her throat as her mind exploded with pleasure, and she pushed her vagina hard onto Ron’s cock, trying to get it as deep as she could, until she finally stood up, his seed dripping down her the legs.

“Thank You Ron.” Mary-Lou said again, as she pulled up her skirt, and pulled on her blouse, leaving her bra and panties on the floor in her haste. She gave Ron a quick kiss, then left.

Ron just lay sprawled out in the leather chair, panting from being thoroughly milked by the miniature dynamo. Once he had both strength, and breath, he quickly dressed and went on his search for his missing grandmother. Taking Mary-Lous's bra and panties as spoils of war.

Darrell, having showered and changed, started to roam the empty school, when she was suddenly aware of unusual sounds, and decided to investigate. She made her way to the main level and noticed the conservatory door was open. She moved cautiously toward the door, and slowly pushed it open.

“Hello?” she called in as she opened the door all the way. The room was dark, and quiet. On the far end, the other door was open, so Darrell moved across the hardwood floor, when she slipped on something wet on the floor. Darrell knelt and touched the slightly sticky liquid and ran it between her thumb and fingers. She brought it to her tongue, and spat it out, looking around the room. She could see nothing, so continued her journey.

Gwendoline hid in the conservatory when she heard Darrell enter and stayed hidden until she saw Darrell exit from the other door. She then snuck out the front door to the bus stop. The Snow fell, and the wind whipped, and the shelter offered little protection. Gwendoline sat on the bench with her suitcase pulled to her chest, the falling snow mixed with the tears in her eyes and clung to her eyelashes. The wind was chilly, which made the coldness all that much worse. Gwendoline pulled her coat tighter around her body, placing her suitcase on the ground as she tried to stave off the biting cold.

“When is that bloody bus going to get here?” she said aloud to herself as she shivered in the open air.

Darrell entered the library, and the smell of sweat and lust filled her nose. The light was still on the desk, and she could see the clues left behind. She knew what had happened, she just did not know who did it. Under the white light of the lamp, she knew what was on the floor, but what she did not know was if the liquid was from a man, a woman, or both. The school was pretty much empty, which allowed sound to travel some distance, and Darrell could hear noises from what she gathered was Miss Grayling’s office, or at least in that vicinity. Had Miss Grayling and Matron returned without her knowing? Cautiously, she made her way into the hallway, and headed toward Miss Grayling’s office.

Mary-Lou had left, probably heading upstairs to the dormitories, and Ron made his way to the kitchen. As he approached the door, he could hear sounds. Someone was in the kitchen, and it sounded like they were looking for something. Ron looked around for a weapon, but the only thing in the small corridor was a tiny vase with some wildflowers in it. He took the flowers out, and dumped the water on the floor, holding the vase by the neck like a club, and slowly pushed the door open. The kitchen was well lit and in the bright light he saw Ellen, kneeling on the floor, her head in the lower cabinet, and her ass, round and firm, sticking out into the kitchen.

“I do believe I have discovered a thief in Mallory Towers.” Ron said, and Ellen bumped her head trying to free herself from the cabinet and stand up to confront this intruder. As she rubbed the back of her head, she saw Ron, brandishing his makeshift club, and launched herself into his arms.

“Oh Ron, I am so glad to see you. We, Mary-Lou, and Sally, and I, we missed our train, and we are so very hungry.”

Ron put his weapon on the counter, and took Ellen’s hand, and led her to the pantry.

“When Matron confiscates sweets from you girls, she …" and he rapped on the backboard of the pantry, and a small door opened, “hides them here for later.” and he showed Ellen the stash of sweets that were hidden.

Ellen’s eyes were saucers as she took in the payload that was exposed to her, and she flung her arms around Ron’s neck and kissed him. Hard, but friendly, and when she pulled back and looked into his eyes, something came over her, and she kissed him again, hard, but with passion. Her mouth opened to cover his. Ron reciprocated her passion, and his hands found their way to her ass, cupping the firm flesh though the denim, and pushing her hips into his. Even through her pants, Ellen knew what was happening to him, and to her. She reached between them, and slid his zipper down, reaching into his pants and finding his hardening cock.

“Oh God Ron, it is huge.” she said, as she kneeled before him and stroked the shaft like she was petting her cat that Ron helped her conceal all those years ago. “Can you? Can we? I mean, I would really like to thank you for the food, Ron. If you want.”

Ron did not answer, he just brazenly grabbed the edge of her shirt and pulled it over her head, watching as her breasts bounced under her red lace bra. As he dropped her shirt to the ground, Ellen was already sliding out of her pants, and underwear, then she grabbed his cock, and wrapping one leg around his body, slid the throbbing shaft into her wet and wanting cunt. Ellen threw her head back as he entered her. Her breasts straining against the bra as Ron buried his face between her breasts and thrusted his erection inside her. Sweat glistened on Ellen’s back and she bit her lower lip and squinted at the sensation coursing through her body as Ron pleasured her, thrusting deeper, and deeper, over and over until she had to bury her face into his chest to stop herself from screaming out in pleasure. Her body was wracked with pleasure and shaking as she tried to steady herself. Ron held onto Ellen to keep her from falling as he stuffed his cock back into his pants.

“Anyway.” Ron started to say, his words catching in his throat as he tried to talk, “Thank you.” and he kissed Ellen tenderly on the lips, “That was,” and he had to pause to take a breath, “That was most invigorating, and I feel bad about this, but I have to go. I am trying to find my great granny, but help yourself to the food, it is yours after all.” and he kissed her quickly once more and left Ellen alone in the kitchen.

Ron made his way to the main corridor, and as he rounded a corner he ran smack into Darrell Rivers.

“Ron!” Darrell made a hard whisper as she saw the stable boy, “So, someone has been busy.” she said, and the look in her eyes told him she knew what he had done.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Darrell.” Ron lied, “I am just looking for my great granny.”

“And sowing some oats along the way?” she smirked.

“I didn’t do anything.” Ron started, then a wickedly boyish smirk ran across his face as he whispered, “That they did not want me to.”

Darrell closed in on Ron, pressing her body close to his so that the heat of her body warmed him, and he was suddenly aware she was touching him … there.

“So, you will do it?” Darrell asked, “If I wanted you to?”

“Do you want me to?” Ron smiled at her, and Darrell slid her hand into his trousers. Ron slid his zipper down, and unhooked his pants, as Darrell removed her hand and pulled down her slacks. Darrell’s and Ron’s pants both landed at their feet in unison. Ron pulled off his shirt as Darrell undid the buttons on her blouse, and they both stood there, Ron, bare-chested, in his shorts, and Darrell in a red lace bra and panties, and they kissed with a pent-up passion that they both had, but never dared acknowledge, until now. As they kissed, Ron reached behind Darrell to unclasp her bra as Darrell pushed his shorts over his hips, before doing the same to her lacey red panties. Soon the two were laying on the floor, Darrell’s legs spread open to accept Ron into her. Darrell, unlike the other girls, was not unaccustomed to a man entering her, so there was no pain, just the over-reaching ecstasy of his enormous manhood penetrating her. Ron plunged in, balls deep, thrusting hard and deep into her, and Darrell arched her back, letting him go deeper. Darrell dug her claws into his flesh, holding him tight to her body, his nipples pressed against hers, his hands on either side of her as he slowly thrust into her. Controlled. Not wanting this sensation to end. Not wanting this, this thing between him and her. This was something he dreamed of ever since Darrell Rivers entered Mallory Towers almost six years ago. He had never considered for a moment that he would not have been her first, but her past was not his concern, only their future, and since she would be leaving Mallory Towers at year end, this was his last opportunity to impress upon her how much he loved her, and he was not going to blow that chance. Their kissing was fierce and passionate. They petted each other. Touched each other in ways no one has ever touched either of them before or would ever again. Having made love four times already this evening, Ron had no trouble holding off orgasm until he could tell Darrell was close, and as he began to read all the signs. The erotic panting, the heaving of her breasts, the sweat, and the smell of pheromones as her body started to climax, and Ron released himself into her, and quickly placed his hand over her mouth as her screams of pleasure started to erupt from her mouth. Ron winced as Darrell bit into his hand to stem the scream struggling to escape, and once the ecstasy flushed her body, the two collapsed in the hallway. They lay, naked, side-by-side, until they could hear footsteps in the empty school, and both rushed to get as dressed as they could. Darrell and Ron were standing in the hallway, Darrell's panties in Ron’s pocket after he noticed them still on the floor, and Darrell standing in front of him so the in-coming friends could not see him doing up his zipper, and Darrell called out, “Mary-Lou, Ellen, what are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same question.” Sally said, as she came up behind the two lovers.

Darrell spun around to see Sally coming down the hallway.

“Sally!” she almost shouted her surprise, “And Mary-Lou, and Ellen. You are all here. Why are you all here?”

“They missed their train.” Ron leaned in to say to Darrell.

“We missed our train.” the three friends said in unison.

“So what have you been doing all evening?” Darrell asked, and the three friends looked at Ron, who blushed as the girls then turned their faces away.

“No!” Darrell said, “All of you?”

“Well, I was scared, and Ron told me about his granny …" Mary-Lou said.

“Granny!” Ron shouted, “I still haven’t found her!”

“Well maybe if you spent more time looking for her, instead of deflowering half of Mallory Towers.” Darrell interjected.

“Not the time Darrell.” Ron said, “I have to find Great Granny Mary.”

“Too bad Gwen has left. We could use her help.” Darrell said.

“Gwen was here?” Sally asked.

“Yes.” Darrell said, “She was going to meet her father.”

“But the roads are closed.” Mary-Lou said, “The bus driver told us he was going to the garage because he could not travel the roads anymore.”

“Then where is Gwen?” Darrell asked.

“If she is outside,” Ellen added, “She will freeze to death.”

“Sally, you and Ellen help Ron find his Great Granny,” Darrell said, “And Mary-Lou and I will go out and find Gwen.” then turning to Ron she added, “Find your granny.” and her tone hinted that he wasn’t to do anything else with the girls.

The main yard of Mallory Towers was large, and the snow made the journey arduous, but when Darrell and Mary-Lou reached the bus shelter, Gwen was curled up in a ball on the bench, shivering. Mary-Lou ran to her first and put her arms around her friend.

“Oh Gwen, you are going to catch your death. You silly girl. Come with us back to Mallory Towers. We will get you warm and find some food.” Mary-Lou comforted her. Darrell helped Mary-Lou lead Gwendoline back to Mallory Towers. As much as the two girls were at odds with each other, Darrell never wanted anything bad to happen to Gwendoline. Soon, they were in the school, and up the stairs to the dormitory.

“Gwen, we have got to get you out of those wet clothes and into a warm bath.” Darrell said, and Mary-Lou started running a bath for her as Darrell helped her out of her clothes.

“W,w,why are, are you, helping me.” Gwendoline chattered.

“We may have our differences,” Darrell said, as she slid Gwendoline’s coat off her and dropped it to the floor, “But I do not want you harmed.” and she started to unbutton Gwendoline’s shirt.

Gwendoline pushed Darrell’s hands away.

“I c-c-can d-do this m-m-myself.” she chattered again and started to fumble with her buttons. Gwendoline managed to get her top off, but was shivering too much to work her bra, so Mary-Lou, the only girl in Mallory Towers that Gwendoline trusted, helped her with the clasp, but Gwendoline pulled the garment off herself. As Gwendoline pulled her bra off, Mary-Lou started to undo her pants and pull them down. Mary-Lou kneeled before her, and Gwendoline braced herself on Mary-Lou's shoulder as she lifted her legs for Mary-Lou to pull them off. By the time Gwendoline was naked, the bath was ready, and Mary-Lou guided her into the steaming water. Gwendoline let out a gasp as the hot water hit her cold flesh, then a sigh as the warmth penetrated her body and she sank deeper into the tub.

Ellen came back from the kitchen, as Sally returned from the first aid room to meet Ron at the base of the stairs.

“Nothing.” the three said in unison, when they heard a sound coming from upstairs, where the girl's dormitory was located and each looked at each other, then proceeded quickly up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, they could the sound, louder this time, as if someone was moving something, and they ventured toward the sound. In the common room, where the girls usually studied, or played cards, and other recreational activities was a large Christmas tree, and next to the tree was Ron’s great granny Mary, who was hanging stocking by the fireplace.

“Granny Mary!” Ron called out, but the woman just continued hanging stockings, none of which had names of the girls of Mallory Towers, “Granny,” Ron called again, moving toward the old woman, “Granny, what are you doing?” then turning to the two Mallory Tower’s girls, whispered, “Can you make her some tea? I think she is feeling a little confused.” Sally and Ellen nodded and left for the kitchen.

“What is the matter with Ron’s grammy?” Ellen asked as they took a pot and a tray from the cupboard and started to prepare the tea.

“It is like Ron said,” Sally replied, “When people get older, they sometimes start confusing old memories with new ones, I think if we get her settled, and calm, her memories will return to the present.”

“So,” Ellen said as she put the kettle on the boil, “You and Ron?” she smiled.

“You and Ron.” Sally returned, and Ellen hid her face as she smiled at the memory.

“Do you think he would be willing …" and Ellen trailed off her question.

“Did you see him and Darrell earlier? I think we were an opportunity granted, but I truly believe he loves Darrell.” Sally replied, then closing in on Ellen she put her arms around Ellen’s waist and pulled her closer, “Besides, I don’t think we need Ron and his, albeit quite impressive, cock to have fun.”

Ellen smiled at her friend’s touch as she said, “It really was quite wonderful, wasn’t it?” as she pushed a strand of hair from Sally’s face, “But,” and she put her hands on either side of Sally’s face and kissed her tenderly, “I do agree that we could have a lot of fun together.” The two girls kissed each other and explored each other until the whistle of the kettle pulled them from their reverie, and as they parted, they straightened out their clothes, and prepared the tea.

Gwendoline lay in the bath, feeling so much better than before, as Darrell and Mary-Lou hovered about her.

“Darrell.” Gwendoline called.

“Yes Gwen?” Darrell replied as she closed in, sitting beside Mary-Lou, “What do you need?”

“Can you be a dear and make me a cup of tea?”

“Sure Gwen.” Darrell said, as she stood, “You are going to be alright?”

“Yes Darrell.” Gwendoline said, “I have Mary-Lou here to keep me company.”

Once Darrell Rivers left the room, Gwendoline turned to Mary-Lou and said, “I don’t know what I would ever do without you Mary-Lou.” Gwendoline said, “You have been my truest friend.”

“Thank You Gwen.” Mary-Lou said, “I like to think we are the best of friends.”

“Can you …" then Gwendoline sank back in the tub, not finishing her question.

“What is it, Gwen?” Mary-Lou asked, “What do you want?”

“Nothing.” Gwendoline said as she slid down to her chin in the bath water, her knees spread open.

“No, tell me Gwen.” Marry-Lou urged, what do you want?”

Gwendoline raised her head and whispered, “Can you kiss me?” then immediately sank back into the tub to hide herself from what she just said.

“Of course, Gwen.” Mary-Lou said, and leaned over the tub and gave Gwendoline a light kiss on her forehead. “Better?”

“No.” Gwendoline said, as she sat up in the tub, “Not like that. I want you to kiss me. Kiss me the way you would if you truly liked me.”

Mary-Lou sat up straight and looked at her friend puzzled.

“Forget it.” Gwendoline said as she crossed her arms across her chest and sank back into the depth of the tub.

Mary-Lou leaned forward, and took Gwendoline’s arms and pulled then open, exposing her naked breasts to Mary-Lou, then leaned forward, her hair falling over her friend’s face, and kissed her. Her mouth opened, and she slid her tongue inside Gwendoline’s mouth, and kissed her with all the passion in her petite body. Gwen reached up and put her arms around Mary-Lou and held her tightly. Mary-Lou was pulled off-balance and fell into the tub with Gwendoline. The two girls laughed at the predicament they found themselves in, and Mary-Lou struggled to extricate herself from the tub.

“Oh dear.” Mary-Lou said as she smiled at Gwendoline, “I am all wet. Whatever shall I do?” she mocked, as she started to undo the buttons on her blouse and remove the wet garment as Gwendoline looked on both amazed and pleased. Mary-Lou's breasts were exposed, having left her bra in Miss Grayling's office, and Gwendoline felt a tinge of jealously at how so much more developed Mary-Lou was, but then smiled as she realized she was going to have those beautifully formed breasts to herself. Within moments, Mary-Lou was naked, and sliding into the tub atop Gwendoline, and Gwendoline wrapped her arms around Mary-Lou, feeling her beautiful breasts, and smelling her hair, and enjoying the feel of their bodies together.

“Thank you, Mary-Lou.” Gwendoline said as she slid her fingers into Mary-Lou, who gasped at the sensation, then smiled as moved her head slightly so their heads were cheek to cheek as Gwendoline fondled her.

Darrell had just entered the kitchen when Sally and Ellen were leaving with the tray to take up to Ron. She noticed that their shirts were somewhat dishevelled, but chose not to mention it, just noted it for the future as she said, “Where are you going with the tea?”

“We found Ron’s Granny, and we are taking some tea up to her because she is feeling a little confused.” the two said.

“Do you have an extra cup?” Darrell asked, “Gwen is asking for a cup of tea as well.”

“Sure, over on the counter.” Ellen said, and Darrell moved to grab the teacup, and place it on the tray.

“I must say,” Darrell started, “This has been the most … revealing … Christmas Eve I have had in a very long time.” and joined Sally and Ellen as they brought the tray upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, the three friends heard sounds coming from the bathing room.

“I think Gwen is feeling better now.” Darrell said, as she took the cup of tea, “I shall bring this to her, and maybe we can all join you in the common area for tea.” Then Darrell headed into the bathing room. Gwendoline and Mary-Lou were standing in the room, the tub slowly draining, and the two girls wearing terry-cloth Mallory Towers robes.

“What is going on here?” Darrell asked, as she noticed they were both wearing robes.

“I was helping Gwen, and I slipped, and got all wet.” Mary-Lou explained, and it was not a complete lie, as she finished, “So I had to take off my wet clothes.”

“Yes.” Gwen added, not wanting to be left out of the conversation, “That is exactly how it happened.”

Darrell looked at the two girls, and puzzled the whole thing together, then said, “Gwen, here is your tea.” and as she put the cup down on a little table, she added, “We found Ron’s Great Granny Mary. She is in the common room. We are getting together for tea, if you want to join us.” and she left, shaking her head and smiling.

“Do you want to join them?” Mary-Lou asked, but Gwendoline just smiled and took her hand, leading her back to the dormitory.

“Not yet.” Gwendoline replied as she locked the door.

Sally and Ellen came into the common room with the tray of tea to find Ron had move his Great Granny Mary to the sofa and Ellen placed the tray on the table for them as Darrell entered the room.

“Is Gwen feeling better?” Sally asked.

Darrell paused for a moment as she tried to phrase it correctly, then said, “I would say she is.”

“Will Gwen and Mary-Lou be joining us for tea?” Ellen asked as she poured a cup for Ron’s Granny.

“I think they will.” Darrell said, then pausing a moment added, “But I think they are going to be a while.”

The five sat around the table and chatted about Christmas past, and plans for the new year, and soon Great Granny Mary was feeling more herself, although a tad confused as to how she got here, and Ellen brought some of the cakes that Matron had hidden.

As Gwendoline locked the door to the dormitory and turned to face Mary-Lou, the petite classmate launched herself at Gwendoline, wrapping her arms around Gwendoline’s neck, and kissed her hot and fierce. Gwendoline had to lean down to accommodate her friend but wrapped her arms around the little blonde and lifted her closer. Soon, the two lovers pulled away, panting, breathless and Mary-Lou pulled open Gwendoline’s robe and let it fall to the floor.

“I have always admired your body, Gwen.” Mary-Lou confessed, “It is so firm and white.”

“I have always loved your body.” Gwendoline admitted, “You are clearly the most developed of all of us. I wish I had your breasts. Mine are so, so …" and Mary-Lou placed her finger over Gwendoline’s lips as she said, “Hush.” and then proceeded to cover one breast with her mouth, her tongue making circles around the erect nipple as Gwendoline closed her eyes at the pleasure.

“Oh my god, stop, please.” Gwendoline pleaded, and Mary-Lou pulled away as Gwendoline added, “Come with me. Come to my bed. I need you so much Mary-Lou.” and Mary-Lou followed her to the bed. Gwendoline lay on her back, and spread her legs for Mary-Lou, who reading the clues, climbed atop her friend, her knees straddling Gwendoline’s chest and she opened up her friend, sliding her tongue into the wet, warm cave. As Mary-Lou licked her friend, Gwendoline began the same.

Gwendoline started by fingering Mary-Lou's cunt, like she did in the bath, feeling the juices slick her fingers, and watching Mary-Lou's ass jiggle as she giggled from the sensation. Mary-Lou was aggressive in her licking, plunging her tongue deep inside, and pressing it against the clit and listening for the soft moans Gwendoline was making. Their bodies started to sweat, slicking their skin, and the two changed position, scissoring their legs, and pressing their vaginas against each other, rocking their bodies. Pushing themselves into each other trying to satisfy the urges roiling in their bodies. Their bodies were soon slick with not only sweat, but the juices flowing from their pussies, forming a pool on the sheets, and they soon had to stop to catch their breath. Their bodies vibrating, every nerve afire with their passion, they moved to lay side by side. Each embracing the other. Their breathing synchronised by their passion, and the two lovers lay there in the dark, giggling from the ecstasy they just shared. Mary-Lou traced her fingers over Gwendoline’s skin, causing her flesh to pimple, and her nipples to pebble, and she lay on her side and said, “Do you think we should join the rest in the common room?”

Gwendoline lay on her back staring at the ceiling. The thought of not only breaking away from Mary-Lou, and this incredible pleasure, but to do so for the express purpose of meeting with Darrell Rivers displeased her in ways she could not even categorize, but she loved Mary-Lou, and she would do anything for her. Even putting up with Darrell Rivers. She turned to look her lover in the eyes, and smiled at Mary-Lou's beautiful, smiling face, and said, “Yes. Yes, my love. I would like to do that. For you.”

“Let’s wait a moment though.” Mary-Lou said, pushing Gwendoline back down as she started to get up, “I still feel a little sore. I also need to get my strength back.”

Gwendoline kissed her again. Hard. Passionately. Knowing she was the sole reason for Mary-Lou's fatigue, as Mary-Lou was the sole reason for hers. Also, laying naked in bed with Mary-Lou was infinitely more pleasurable than anything else she could imagine.

As Ron sat in a chair, next to him was his Great Granny Mary, also in a chair. Both chairs on one side of the tree. Ellen and Sally sat in a loveseat on the other side of the tree, and Darrell sat alone on the sofa. Darrell was not oblivious to the side glances, and the occasional ‘accidental touching’ of hands between Ellen and Sally. More information to store in her memory, when Great Granny Mary said, out of the blue, “So Ron, being at school with so many lovely young ladies, why have you not found a girlfriend. A four-way spit-take was suddenly expectorated by the youngsters sitting around the table.

Coughing, and trying to wipe spittle from his chin with a nearby napkin, Ron choked out, “Granny!” as Darrell grabbed another napkin and started to clear up the spontaneous spray of tea over the table between them.

“Well, it only stands to reason.” Great Granny Mary said, “When I was a girl away at boarding school, there was a young groundskeeper who I am sure sampled generously of the student body.”

“Granny.” Ron said, “Please. Besides, Matron keeps a very close eye on the girls.”

“Oh, I am sure clever girls like you can always find a way around your matron, isn’t that right Darrell?”

“I am sure I have no idea what you are talking about Great Granny Mary.” Darrell defended.

“Well, I have been watching these two sapphics all evening,” indicating Ellen and Sally, “So I know he hasn’t made a move there.” and Ellen, Sally, and Ron, decided the ceiling looked particularly interesting today, “And if the sounds coming from the end of the hall is any indication, the little girl and the tall one are doing for more than each other’s hair.” and Ellen and Sally looked at each other, then at Darrell, who just shrugged her shoulders in a non-committal manner, “So really, unless there are other girls that Ron would have a better chance with, that leaves you, Miss Darrell Rivers, as the most likely candidate.”

“Thank You Granny.” Ron said, “For that highly amusing assessment of the situation, but,” and he shot a pleading glance at Darrell, “There is nothing going on between Darrell and I.” and again Ellen and Sally looked at each other while trying to stifle a knowing smile.

Mary-Lou and Gwendoline walked into the common room, and even though they were a respectful distance apart, Darrell could see an invisible thread connecting them that authenticated Great Granny Mary’s earlier assessment, but she played along.

“So, what is everyone talking about?” Mary-Lou asked.

“Why Ron isn’t dating any of you girls.” Great Granny Mary said before anyone else could say anything.

“Well, I would never date a common groundskeeper.” Gwendoline said, a little louder than was probably necessary.

Great Granny Mary responded with, “I know dear. You are very loud.” and Mary-Lou turned away to hide her blushing and wished more than anything she could be anywhere else. Before Great Granny Mary could say anything else to embarrass the young women, they heard the front door open, and Matron and Miss Grayling calling out, “Yoohoo! Darrell? Gwendoline? Hello?”

Gwendoline turned toward the hallway and shouted “Up here! Welcome back!”

Soon Miss Grayling came upstairs as Matron Davies took the groceries to the kitchen.

“I am so sorry to be so late ladies.” Miss Grayling said, “The roads were horrendous.” then noticing three extra girls, Ron and his Great Granny Mary, said, “And what is this all about?”

Darrell stood up and made introductions.

“As you said, the roads were terrible, and Ellen, Sally, and Mary-Lou missed their train, so came back to spend the night. Ron here,” and Ron stood up and waved at the headmistress, ”lost his Great Granny Mary, here,” and she pointed to the frail old lady sitting in the chair, “and was looking for her when the storm hit. So, we made some tea, and had a wonderful Christmas Eve chatting until you showed up just now.”

“Well, it all does seem completely understandable, and you did have an adult here to watch over you, and I am glad you were all safe and sound.” Miss Grayling said, then there came a scream from downstairs, and in moments Matron Davies showed up, her face red.

“Who broke into my cupboard!” Matron Davies said.

“What cupboard would that be Matron?” Miss Grayling asked.

“Yes, Matron.” Darrell chimed, “You would not have a secret stash of confiscated food?”

“No. Absolutely not.” Matron Davies interjected, “It was. It was. My. It was cupboard of cleaning supplies. I keep them locked up because they can be poisonous if used incorrectly.”

“Oh, well I am sure you must have left it open in our haste this evening, and I am sure these young ladies are all mature enough to be careful with cleaning supplies.” Miss Grayling replied.

“Yes.” Matron Davies said, “Yes. You are so right. That must be. And I do trust these young ladies to be careful.” but she eyed Darrell very sharply.

“Anyway.” Miss Grayling said, “It is very late. Ron, you and your Great Granny Mary may stay the night. The storm has waned, but it is very late. Matron will set up a room in the teacher’s quarters. Girls, back to your dormitory. It is Christmas tomorrow, and you must be in bed, or Santa will not leave you anything in your stocking.” and each of the girls left the common room, and back to their room. Matron led Ron and his Great Granny Mary down the stairs, far away from the girl's dormitory, and set each one up in their own room.

That night, Matron lay in her bed, and thought about all her precious snacks that had been pilfered, and decided she needed a new hiding space.