Darc Tangent

2023-01-14 14:57:23 (UTC)

New Story (NS)

Sorry for the delay people. Xmas stole a great deal of my time.
It was my intention of having another two or three Kiawah and the Outlaw stories before I did another of these, but there was a Mallorry Towers X-Mas show that gave me this idea.
Those unfamiliar with the great BBC show Mallory Towers, track it down. Wonderful characters.
Anyway, after watching thisd episode, I got the idea for this story, and at 10,448 words, it is one of the longest stories I have done so far, hence the very long interval.
I shall be returning to Kiawah and her lover, the Outlaw Jose Escobar soon.
I hope you like this story.
Feel free to share it with your friends, and don't feel shy about leaving messages.

Thank You, and Enjoy.