Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-14 18:27:01 (UTC)

The calibration to self ..

The calibration to self

What is self

Could the self be considered an indivisible particle of nature

What else could represent indivisibility


It’s the potential of one’s own self of selves

What does all of this mean

The brain needs the mind
The mind needs reality
Reality needs indivisibility
Indivisibility is invisible
But what is reading this
What is writing this

The potential

Measured weighed and valued

What’s opposite the scale

Communicating the calibration of self

The electromagnetic properties of the self

I’m sure one could feel the social electromagnetic and gravitational fields out there amongst the public

But the social electromagnetic and gravitational fields aren’t influenced in this place

But the calibration to the self allows for precision to manifest the electromagnetism within one’s self onto the screen using words

The development and evolution of manifesting the potential of self

Which the potential is one’s intrinsic gravitational mass and electromagnetic charge

But I guess charge gets overlooked for the planets that display the potential for life

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