Tru's diary
2023-01-14 12:28:58 (UTC)

Darkness Begins

Darkness has a cure, it is light but nightmare is a giant hole you can't climb out of. My nightmare comes later.
Darkness fell on and around me when he put his hands on me for the first time. How can a little girl comprehend the 'Why' factor. Running to my mother, I thought, was the right thing to do. Wasn't it? I wasn't even in school yet, just a scared little girl who needed her mother's protection. That never came!
There was my mother, crying, sick because the news of her little girl being touched by her husband was to much to bare. Being an adult now, I can see how my mother didn't give a care in the world about her child. As a little girl, I was terrified. I was told by him that I made my mother sick and it was all my fault. He told me that I was to never speak of it again.
So the darkness begins.........