Gone mental

Notes from my Black
2023-01-14 05:19:39 (UTC)

That sand under my feet

I saw you today. Well… in my head I saw you. I superimposed you on someone standing in front of me. It didn’t make me sad to know it wasn’t really you because in my mind, you smiled at me, had a silent conversation with me and put the world in the periphery with me for an eternity of a moment we melted again and I was blissfully happy.

You are beautiful in that way too.
You are welcome to keep that piece of my heart. It’s where it belongs.

It is not lost on me, the truth of our paths. It’s ok. I love you always and will watch your sails from the shore. I will slowly stand here and remember as the tide comes in, the water washes my feet, and the earth slowly absorbs me.