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2023-01-13 02:50:30 (UTC)

Ocean Painting

Hmm… I wonder what’s up with the picture-taking next door. The other day, I noticed someone take a picture of the house from the street and then walk off. Yesterday I saw Irma taking pictures with a tablet. I really hope to hell they’re not getting ready to sell! But if we are here for life, then sooner or later we will get newcomers over there. The way retirement communities have gone from being about peace and quiet to being with people your own age, I would be very worried about what we may end up with over there. Motorcycles? Yappy mutts?

I don’t understand why the garbage collectors don’t grab bins from both sides of the street at once rather than making a second pass to get the other side. I can see that you have to go back down the street with the trucks that have arms that reach out to grab the containers. But when you have people jumping off the back, they should be able to hit both sides at once. I would think that would not only cut down some of the racket but also get them out of here quicker.

Andy is a hard one to figure at times. He told me he doesn’t like to discuss health issues because the subject upsets him. Therefore, I haven’t mentioned needing my gallbladder removed. Last night, however, I did mention that I might be out of it for a day or two after having it removed. Then he got all worried, saying it's big news, and he’s been googling to learn more about it. As I told him, I would have told him what was going on, but I was only respecting his wishes after he told me that medical talk upsets him. He felt bad for falling asleep on me and didn’t want me to feel like he was blowing me off, but I didn’t feel that way at all. If he’d remained silent after telling him that I was having surgery without even a simple “good luck,” then I would have felt offended. I told him not to worry, and that it was actually a common procedure. It’s still nice to know that a person you consider a close friend cares. I know he wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to me and that it would really affect him if anything did.

I did an ocean painting on a mini canvas yesterday. Can’t say I’m too impressed with how it came out. As cute as the multi-colored little buckets are, they were a waste of money because they’re too small. They’re OK for if I need to have my brush wet for a particular painting, but otherwise not good for rinsing. It’s better to just get up and rinse brushes in the sink.