cutters life
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2023-01-13 02:04:52 (UTC)


we had to take a photo saying thank you the whole school had to be there (my schools small) lucas was behind me to the right my friends where to the right of lucas. lucas smiled at adrianna but lucas gnored me. when anyone talks to me about him he just shrugs. i know our situation is hard and stuff but he didnt have to do me like that. my persistant depresive disorder (pdd) is getting bad again i just woke up from a 4 hour nap and now im just laying here typing away all my problems. adrianna has a diary and i read it alot i read the other day "i started to cvt myself last night it felt good in a weird way" my friend group is known for vutting themselves but adrianna was the only one that didnt now we all do it. i want to tell somine but if i was her and she told someone and they told my parents id freak tf out/