Evolving marriage
2023-01-12 22:56:42 (UTC)

Going Well

Dear Diary,
Well figures its just rain all during our trip to California huh? Today was the sunniest day earlier Ive experienced since we got here on New Yrs Eve.

We had a power outage for 2 days (one from 6am- Midnight) then it came on middle of the nite but went back out just after 6am again till almost 2:30pm. So my husband could not work on Mon or Tues online. The coastline had outages all over. One of the towns was landlocked, lots of businesses flooded.

Luckily its California and not super cold so we could be okay without the heater working, I had to put our food in the freezer to keep it longer, and we had the gas range and bbq to cook our meals on, and thankfully a hot shower!

I have been out walking alot, I walked along the beach today it was pretty crazy out there, so much driftwood and seaweed and tide was still a bit on the high side, I got my shoes wet at one point trying to avoid the waves on the shoreline.

I went thrift shopping yesterday and today in town, love the stores here and always find good stuff. Got some vintage metal patio chairs! Luckily they arent too bulky, and they rock! I wanted some for the midwest property, and now I have them! Also got these antique window curtain brackets. Going to hopefully see a vintage corner bathroom sink I found on facebook also.

THe contractor is hoping to do insulation soon and start getting the space back together, have the plumber out, so Im kinda panicing trying to figure out what I want, tub, shower, etc and do it from far away. And Im into vintage stuff/styles/antique... but he gave me 4 diff layout options to play with for the remodel.

Husband has a 3 day wknd, Yay! We have a couples infrared sauna booked Sunday am just nearby. And meetings are on Sat and Monday, it says its supposed to rain all wknd, I hope not, would be nice to get out and explore somewhere together! But we shall see. Regardless, we can always eat good food nearby and come back and enjoy our big king size bed and cable tv. Funny how much we have sex when we stay here! Theres just so little distractions as its not our home, so you dont get to occupied doing much else! Ive been masturbating again, funny when Im having more sex I masturbate more? But they say in women thats the sign of a good sex life? Hmm is it really?

Last night I woke up and slipped my panties off, I Was just in a tshirt and so I slid those off and put his hand on me, he did rub a little but he was sleeping and out of it and had to be up early for work, so I didnt bug, if it happens it happens, And I eventually went back to sleep.

So I am sure this wknd will be a fun time for us, maybe a nice dinner out on Friday then back home.

OH I made a big pot of homemade spicy sausage and vegetable soup, and we have bread with it, perfect for rainy weather days to heat up!

Well thats it for now!