no name
2023-01-12 13:50:39 (UTC)

& another 8 hours of torture nearly done

Long gone are the days where I came here to rant and message random people.

My day started out just fine, then during my first class I got a killer headache and wanted to kill myself. Then everything went downhill from there.
Long story short, some things have been rescheduled to next week, others I will get done once I get home, without fail. There's also that schedule I'll follow so it's not like I won't have time to maybe read a chapter and nap.

I started reading Kimetsu no Yaiba. The sibling relationship is cute, the beginning is sad, and someone seems a little OP. And the artstyle/the way that Tanjiro is drawn makes me realize that he, and Nezuko, are really just kids. Like, little guys. Like babies. Barely teens. And it makes me sad. So I'll keep reading.

My mom gave me hope of going home, then took it away. I wish she hadn't done that. But whatever.
I'll go home, do my daily dues, and go to sleep earlier this time.

The civic thing'll be easy, we've written those answers down somewhere, I'll find it and whatnot (papers under the dresser).
Probably won't use the tiny journal at school, only when it's a thought I think is significant.
Forgot to upload that one chapter onto Fanfiction.net so I'll probably do that when I get home.

That's all.
Felt bad looking in the mirror for a bit, but I'm just an alpha male and we have those days too, *sigh*