Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-12 17:49:31 (UTC)

Circulation ..


I’m trying to gain the integrity of self before self became a self

Why the need to feel restricted by my own restrictions

I want to jump out of my configurations

I want to forget that I was raised by people

And then it gets lost

The feeling
The ambition
The inspiration

The ability to see inside one’s own mind and emotions

The awareness of recognizing patterns of behavior within one’s own self and correlating them to the outside people

The physical nature of nature doesn’t reveal the molecular structures of motivation

Intuitive consciousness

There’s a reality outside of reality that creates the reality inside the perception of one’s own configuration of reality

Portals of communication
Wormholes of connection

Year after year is spent on the physical presence of presence

How can the spirit of self catch up to its inherent intelligence

The immaterial communication between physical people happens all the time

One feels an airflow of circulation of communication while getting direction from gestures and face expressions

The sharing of food music movies books letters and crafts

The intimacy of touch

The sharing of ideas dreams feelings


It happens all the time
Even if it’s passively exchanged
It’s actively impacted
While the direct physical world evolves around us

Lineage : strangers

Maybe lineage has many different origins of being