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2023-01-12 06:14:26 (UTC)

Ganglion Cyst

I have a ganglion cyst on my inner wrist. It’s completely harmless and barely noticeable. Another person would never notice it, and it’s hard to notice it myself. But because I’m very observant and notice subtle changes, I noticed. My first thought was that it was a bug bite of some kind but then I realized it wasn’t. I can see and feel that it’s not upon closer inspection. It has to do with fluid buildup from the joints. They’re benign and often resolve on their own. But don’t you worry. I’m sure I’ll lose another body part soon enough. Along with acquiring some new disease I can’t treat, of course. Can’t wait to see if gallbastard removal ups my energy levels and downs the stabbing spells but I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed as usual.

I’m a little tired today after last night’s nightmare. I was a wanted fugitive. I don’t know what for but it must have been pretty serious because we were trying really hard to hide me and ended up in Seychelles, of all places. I jumped off a rock and into the clearest water ever.

Then we were home and some huge, alien-looking vehicle pulled up in front that I knew was law enforcement and I was terrified because Tom was out on some errand at the moment.

Anyway, my gallbladder isn’t bothering me today but yesterday it bothered me enough to have to take something for it.

I now have side-swept bangs instead of straight down or parted in the middle and I kind of like this look.

Ran out to the dollar store yesterday and got this cute little toy rat. I love all things rodents.

“Michigan and California institutions ban the word 'field' as racist.”

You gotta be fucking kidding me. Is anything NOT racist these days?