Lost for words at times
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2023-01-12 03:33:40 (UTC)

2.30am at work & My youngest Son

I'm at work. I'm tired tonight, it's my last shift of the week. The new man that started work here Monday night is really nice. I can see he will be a great team member. So keen, enthusiastic and shows initiative in his job role. Only issue, he needs to stop bringing in indian sweets (Moti chur lado) that his sister makes for him. So.. much sugar and butter. I feel like there going to clog my arteries just by looking at them. I also need to learn how to pronouce his name 'Vivek' l am calling him everythink from Vivian ,Vicky to British slang 'Oi' highly rude of me but he doesn't seem to mind.

I'm also working with my friend 'M' tonight. I haven't worked with him for what seems a life time.

Last night, l had a client give me some Tony's miniture chocolates and a bag of daffodil bulbs. My client's often spoil me with random gifts but it was the comment he made as he gave me the daffodil bulbs..."l couldn't afford to buy you flowers so l brought you bulbs that you can't plant in your garden and have never ending flowers year after year". Just how adorable, I'm so greatful.

I spoke to my youngest son tonight.
'D' and 'K' have decided to split up. My heart aches for them both since losing Kylo. They're continually arguing, the counselling doesn't seem to be resolving anything. 'D' has asked if he could move back home, which off course he can. Maybe, if they had some space it might help. Or maybe the loss of Kylo is going to be end of there relationship. It's heartbreaking to hear they're still blaming each other.

Tonight in work l had to lock myself in my medical room and have a cry. It might be because i'm tired. I don't know.. the buzzer on the fire control panel has been going off because the whole system is messed up, which is currently being replaced/updated. I couldn't reset it or if l did it was only briefly. I had a client who believes he is the homes maintance guy set the fire bells off. Which meant all doors shut and all external doors opened and i'm trying to do my med's round. I asked him how did he know the code to set the bells off and he said he over heard the company mention it!! Your kidding me right now... l said to him. He then screamed at me 'your the fucking senior do your fucking job your paid for'
I can normally deal with verbal abuse but tonight l couldn't. Just wait until the manager gets in, in the morning.

My mood is low at the moment.

Until next time, take care of you x