Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-11 21:26:45 (UTC)

Human beings Being ..

Human beings
Being human

What are the fleas that cling to the skin of existence

The hand I hold is the emptiness of my own past

The life that created my life lives their life inside of the television

I withhold life from living its potential
While it obsesses over its compulsions

Stress from the lack of life that life wants to live

They’re just words
Words carry their own infestation

Dreams reflect what doesn’t want to be seen

Why does life get in the way of living a communicative existence

To be seen
What does that mean

These are just words that don’t do the spirit any justice

I can’t communicate what gives me life
Why do I need to
Why should I want to


The world out there
Is it the same as the world in here
How do they communicate
Is it a completely different version of communication
Do they use words to accessorise their appearances

Words in this place are the appearances
And bodies are the accessories

Can life be unlocked to reality’s secrets in one lifetime

Can reality reveal its design to its own software

Why do questions constantly arise from the ashes of solutions

Humanity has created its own biosphere of reality to live inside of

Evolution and nature
Nature’s biosphere has its own reality

What does all of this mean

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