Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-11 15:11:23 (UTC)

It’s only based on my individual existence

It’s only based on my individual existence
Affinities and aversions
Resource guarding

The neighborhood kids that I grew up with
To see them on Facebook showcasing their development and accomplishments
They’re surrounded by smiles of warmth and comfort

Value is what they display

I’m crippled underneath my abnormalities
My mind doesn’t have a new house to photograph

My heart isn’t photogenic

My spirit doesn’t travel to exotic destinations

My thoughts don’t have friends to take selfies with

But it’s just my existence

What do the Facebook models think of other Facebook models that they grew up with

I’ll never know

I’m getting bored with the brain in a vat title but it’s the only way to avoid misrepresentation but I’m a fraud regardless
An imposter
A disgrace to the human race
Is what I’ve been told
An abomination to nature

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