Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-11 11:10:46 (UTC)

Individual motivation

Individual motivation
Social currents of adaptation

To build upon something
The brain wants to build upon something

Social identity is volatile
Everything about me is fake
But the mechanisms underneath
Could they be considered fake

Adaptation to one’s own environment and circumstance

I’m treated like shit everywhere
I’m less than
I’m treated with disdain and cruelty
So of course this mindset would develop for me
It’s for protection
It’s all I have
While I constantly have to look around and see no one in my presence

The science behind social situations and adaptations is interesting and inspiring to want to know more
But to be part of the laboratory experimentations
Is devastating

Two faces
Four faces
Eight faces
Sixteen faces
Into an infinite amount of faces needed for the social entities of representation

The spirit underneath only knows itself
The energy only knows conversion
But the identity is something that automatically feels worthy of attention
Worthy of building upon itself
Identity and self-preservation

What’s in the womb of self

Where does self-worth begin

Molecular privilege
Subatomic entitlement
Fundamental forces
Fundamental charges
Fundamental fields
Of dignity and integrity

What good does all this do
It doesn’t halt the evolving entities of society
It doesn’t prevent decay and disease

Does it help

It helps knowing
It helps imagining
It’s the idea of communicating to god
Continuity and connectivity
Distributing the pain and confusion
It’s constant
It’s evolution
Individual experiences

Identity in the hands of them
Identity in the hands of an individual
What’s outside an identity of self

An algorithmic computation