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Starting over
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2023-01-11 11:27:30 (UTC)

A word of encouragement during ..

A word of encouragement during failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

127 days norco free holla!!!!

how long should I wait before tackling something new? Like say quitting vaping?

When I think about stopping I get instant anxieties, I love my pumpkin spice vape I'm not even sure it's the nicotine I'm addicted to, or the flavor but I love it.

Maybe once I get to 365 days off the norco then I will tackle the vaping. The whole quitting drugs to get healthy then I'm still sucking God knows what into my lungs doesn't make sense, but it's all I got right now. Like when I first went to rehab I didn't smoke cigarettes but they gave us 5 cigarettes a day and cigarette breaks so I took them, it was all we had, does that make sense? Stupid sense but no one ever accused me of having common sense

I need to stop I normally already cough a lot, always have, norco is actually a cough suppressant, so yeah back to coughing ugh

I forgot to say that yesterday at 3:30am Mike got a phone call his alarm was going off at work, the police were on the way and he had to meet them. So I was up early yesterday so after work I came home, ate and went to bed. Made it through my super busy day at work a success, yes!

Then as I was innocently sleeping, at some point Mike came in and woke me up in that way that he is quite famous for, I gotta say after last night, and there was no actual intercourse, I will be having no anxieties for at least 30 days 😉

That man drives me insane, in the most pleasant ways possible

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