cutters life
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2023-01-11 03:31:44 (UTC)


thats enough of my back story lets get onto now
my situationis kind of unusual after school i go to my dads bosses house her name is kim and i stay there until 5 or later then my dad pickes me up to go home my house is a mintue away from kims. at school i ahve adrianna shes my best friend i have madiso n shes my friend i have tyler m lowkey over pertective of him hes like a little brother even tho hes older then me. hes shorter so little lmao. lucas is my crush hes a grade above me. i ahve another crush his name is brodey hes in my sister school hes another grade above lucas he said when im 2 years older he'll give me a chance/ lucas looks at me at lunch i look at himin hallways when im gone he looks for me when hes gone i look for him. valentines day is coming up so lowkey i hope he gets balls and talks to me. my dad is mean h says shit like get out of my face your annoing or i domt wanna see your face anymorew.