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2023-01-10 17:56:29 (UTC)

Pent Up Energy

Last night I was feeling anxious so I asked Corey if he felt well enough to go for a walk. He has COVID...ugh

Anyways, I don't like walking alone at night, so he agreed to go. And boy am I glad he did. Of course Hunter wanted to go too so he went also..lol

First we went to Stripes, there were three stray pits hanging around the store so Corey had to take Hunter around the corner so there wouldn't be any problems. After the dog attack last year with that stray that wouldn't leave our porch.. Hunter doesn't get along well with other dogs.

Hiding Hunter from the dogs at the store worked. Also helped that the guy at the store was feeding the others..

So I went in and got some snacks, and we were on our way home.

On the way home, a Great Dane jumped out of a car window..while the driver was driving..and started going after Hunter.

Neither dog was hurt thank God... The driver was quick to get her dog. She was nice, made sure that Corey and I were okay because we both fell trying to catch the dogs to keep them apart.. She kept asking if we were okay and if we needed anything.
I wasn't trying to be rude, but I just needed her to go because the dogs were still barking and growling.. Going out was clearly a bad idea.

Then when I got home I decided to calm down I was going to try to paint.. I got some premixed paint from my Secret Santa I wanted to try out.

It was crap... I don't know what was wrong with it, but when I poured it on the canvas all the pigments started to separate?? So I gave up and went to bed.

Today...I slept in. I feel like I have ton of energy but absolutely nothing to do. It's driving me nuts.

I did spend about an hour job searching online... Unfortunately nothing..sigh

I also looked up different crafts for adults. I found paper quilling...it looks interesting so I may give it a try. Goal is to try something new so I can hopefully get out of this slump.

I guess that's it for now. I'll write more later
Aimee 💜