Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-10 09:31:58 (UTC)

Do words fill up this entry box

Do words fill up this entry box like emptiness fills up a silent room

Physics blurred

Isolation in dreams and memories

Transcending animals kingdom but for what purpose other than to stay within the confines of consciousness palace

Why are dreams made

Deprivation writes its own ideas

Does every feeling carry a shield of self-preservation

Is starvation a feeling

Dreams allow a resetting of life while carrying over the waking factors to every sequence

Why do thoughts need to be removed from the mind

Input : process : output

Why couldn’t my family understand this principle before they looked for the warmth

The world never flips itself inside-out

Perception always takes place on the initial side of the board

The electromagnetism of reality doesn’t allow for crossover

To evolve
To develop


Every bit of output has purpose and meaning

Regardless if it’s seen as meaningless

Billions of people
Billions of neurons

Infinite spirits
Infinite neurotransmitters

Acquisitions of information
Ecosystem of data

Calibration of self within systems of distribution

Physics of self
Dimensions of self

Efforts and rewards
Exhaustion and neglect

Each entry is its own system of emotion thoughts ideas memories ambitions aspirations

Lack of unification

Continuity and connectivity

Snap out of it

I can’t

I can’t prevent myself from being observed

I can’t be my own observer to give my own existence dimension

Predator prey parasite dependency

It’s never been exercised

A format
A variation
A version

It’s never been exercised out in the open

And that’s why it’s so foreign because it’s extremely underdeveloped

Compression repression suppression oppression compulsion coercion

It’s so fucking sad that it’s beyond tears

How to break free from self-involvement

This is not right

Life without life

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