cutters life
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2023-01-10 02:15:25 (UTC)


lets start with my backstory before i get into anything else my birthday is June 17 my mom is a drug addict she had 5 kids me being the youngest we all have different dads. my mom left i was dropped off at my grandparents with my sisters we stayed there for a couple years it was the summer after pre k we went to a new town with my dad and my mom. apparently, she got better so her and my dad were trying again (the only reason my parents got married was so my dad could get a green card hes Mexican) i was about 7 i had good memories in that town i had a bestfriend her name was madison i had a childhood boyfriend his name was francesco. i remember my mom had this guy axel around 24/7 turns out it was her dealer. when my dad found out he left moved to the town closest to his work. around that time, it was summer, so we went to my grandparents for a week (it wasn't a week) we kept calling out mom to tell her its been a week she said "ill be there soon" the day befores school i moved with my dad i was going ti 2nd grade. my dad was nice at first but then as a grew older he started to be very mean and bitchy. he started to date his girlfriend Arely started to act like my mom that's when i started to cut i had this rule when something happened with her i would say " well that this many cuts for that" i was in 5th grade maybe 9 or 10. only my closest friends at the time knew tj, Hayden, jacob, willa. thats all i will say for today ill finish the story later