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2023-01-09 22:24:56 (UTC)


Yesterday I spent over three hours cleaning my bedroom... I want to say it wasn't that bad, but it was awful. All I could think as I was cleaning is; If either of my parents saw this..I'd be in so much trouble. Also couldn't help but wonder how it got so bad when I have spent the majority of my time in bed over the last few weeks? Weird.
Anyways I cleaned under my bed, cleaned out the dresser, and all my art supplies..swept, mopped, built a playpen for the kittens in hopes of making them inaccessible to the dog, and did seven loads of laundry all before going to work at 4. Of all days not to get sent home early..lol. I felt pretty good though.

Today I also got up early.. I was not as motivated to get out of bed, but eventually I got up and cleaned out my fish tank... It was way overdue.

I also have to clean out one of Bryan's fish tanks. He has three. He cleaned out his 30 gallon yesterday and found over 20 baby mollies..right now we have them separated from the other fish in a 10 gallon tank but since there is so many I'm gonna move them to the 20 gallon.. I have no idea what we are going to do with 20 baby fish lol

I did plan on going for a walk by the beach today but the weather is cold and rainy...so maybe tomorrow.

I want to try to paint this evening, but I still don't have a heat gun. I keep tossing the idea around in my head that I might not need one if I'm careful. But honestly it's kinda like trying to bake cookies without sugar.. Think I may just splurge and buy a new one. They can't cost that much..right?

Right now I am back in bed watching The Lost Husband on Netflix. I'm bored.

That job never called...not really surprised. I'm still looking.
My work did move me out of dish room though. They moved me back to the line... which I don't love, but also don't hate. It will be a nice change from dish.

Other than that, not much to tell. Hope everyone has a good week.

Aimee 💜

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