Lost for words at times
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2023-01-09 18:10:29 (UTC)

My Fur Baby😾

Other day l mentioned about my fur baby Toby. He had a secret life living for the past 4 years with another family. Today, the lovely lady that has been also loving him moved out. Before she left she brought me Toby's favourite bed to sleep in, the baby bouncy chair.

I feel absolutely dreadful, this poor woman was devastated as she handed me over this bouncy chair. I felt like l was kidnapping my own fur baby back. I agreed to stay incontact with her with regular updates about him. I was abit annoyed that she had a sense of urgency about me getting a cat flap fitted. Toby normally comes home before l go to work, it's only been on a rare occasion he hadn't. Did she think l didn't care about him? I know i'm not techincally an animal person but he is MY fur baby and l love him although he does attack me occasionally.

Also.. why would anyone feed and take over someone else's fur baby? If she thought l neglected him why didn't she just come out with it. Toby actually eats better than l do, he is up to date with all his treatments, he isn't neglected. I want to call this woman a busy body but then that wouldn't be polite of me. Her family clearly loved him and loved spoiling him. I just don't want to end up with some depressed anxious cat as l think he knows she has gone😾

Manchild is acting really odd. l just had a text from him saying he will pick me up for work again. I feel like i'm playing a game of chess and not knowing what his next move is going to be. I sure hope he doesn't think l have been practising on that guitar as my fingers haven't recovered from yesterday.

Anyway.. l must dash as l need to get ready for work.

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
My friend's and family💕
And Mr Blues💙 thank you🎵