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2023-01-09 10:57:48 (UTC)

About mom - smash and grab

I learned that my sisters are planning on going to our mom’s in a few weeks. They didn’t tell me, my mim did. They are both driving… presumably to go on a looting trip. They amaze me.

My mom has been talked into moving. She loves her house… she loves her things. My oldest sister is the kingpin behind getting her to move. She is the one who lied about me for a decade to our parents and then told me about it last year. Clearing her conscience has had its ripple through me in weird waves. My dad never got to know the truth. My mom still lets herself get pushed around. She always has.

I don’t want to go. What I want to do is let loose a tirade on the two of them. I may draft a snail mail letter today… it seems far more personal and formal than a text or email.

It just seems like they are being opportunistic vultures. I want no part in their “approved” smash and grab. It’s beyond me how they can think this is ok.