The lonely codependent

Addicted to you no more
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2023-01-09 10:37:02 (UTC)

Still not good enough?

Abstinence seems to have at least one good effect on me already. I no longer hide my deepest feelings from myself such as despair and feeling too weak to cope with any more rejection.

How come? My family keeps telling me I should try to find a new job. But whenever there's a job interview, I always get rejected. I'm definitely not strong enough mentally at the moment to go through this again and again. And I'm asking myself, why am I still not good enough, why am I never good enough? What else do they want from me?

I think I'll give in to despair and put my fate in the hands of God. It feels so good to be carefree knowing I've tried all I could in the situation I am in. But I need guidance. I no longer know what to do but a higher power must.