A lady in the crowd
2023-01-09 00:59:41 (UTC)


I hit the ground running and went to the gym on the first of the year. I woke up at 3:00 am, and can you imagine, hardly anyone was there. The early bird gets the worm. My streak came to an end due to an awful cold. I was coughing my lung out and decided to take the rest of the week off. I finally feel better and am returning tomorrow. I want to leave my comfort zone this year. I use the same machines and have increased the weight, but it's getting boring. I have wanted to try weightlifting for some time. I'm afraid of embarrassing myself in front of the meatheads. I don't know the first thing about weightlifting, how to set up weights, what the exercises are called, or how to have the right form. What if I hurt myself? I have to schedule an appointment with a trainer because I need all the help I can get. I've been terrified of approaching the receptionist, but I have to grow a pair.

While discussing New Year resolutions, I also have to decrease my screen time. I deleted TikTok but redownloaded it a handful of times last year. This time I'm not going back on it! I sound like a drug addict going through withdrawal, and it's a telltale sign of internet addiction, or, as they say, I'm chronically online. That has to end because I'm returning to college in less than two weeks. I have thought about deleting my social media accounts again, but it's a bit extreme. Right now, I have two hours of screen time, but I want to cut it back to one. If I can't do it without being on TikTok, I'll delete more apps like Instagram and Facebook.