Lost for words at times
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2023-01-08 23:41:45 (UTC)

Guitar Lesson with Manchild & Instagram🙄😌

Well.. today was an intresting day. Manchild brought his old acoustic guitar around. Not only did he bring it around he actually left it with me.
I sat there watching him attentively re string, then re tune this guitar.
He then told me what the strings where from the thickest to the thinest E A D G B E string numbers 1 through to 6! Right ok, he lost me at that part as they're in reverse order😕
Then l got really confuzzled when he was telling me that the left hand is for chord's and the right hand is for strumming.
Just how am l supposed to remember all this! I was all fret board, strings, chord's, notes, sharps and flats done. Then when he showed me guitar tablature, that threw me right over the edge.
I can see he will have his work cut out teaching me. I don't know if i'm going to be able to do this. After about 20 minutes of fiddling about, my bloody back was aching, my fingers tips felt like they was chewed off by the strings. Then.. he wanted to add a pick into the mix.
I was more than overjoyed when he took over playing my favourites that l would love to learn to play Orchid and Fluff. He makes it look so simple and seamless to my clonking affair l had going on.
Nevermind, l guess l have to learn from somewhere. At first, l didn't want to learn as l had no intrest what so ever in learning. Now! I'm determined to prove him right! That l am a gormless fool that can't even learn the basics.🤣 l will practise 10 minutes a day as l need my finger tips.
Just how he manages to play his electric guitar that is heavily weighted, l will never know, cos my back aches. Atleast, he didn't roll his eyes at my feeble attempt's.

Anyway.. after my lesson. l then watched my youngest son on Instagram live have his latest tattoo done.
Uh huh.. so l never had instagram before today. So l had to download that. Jesus christ less than 10 minutes of me downloading and using it, my poor little eyes was subjected to all sorts😌🤣

This poor lost soul..

Hey I’m sorry if this offends you, but I find you beautiful I would like you to be my sugar baby, just letting you know my intentions. We could talk terms and weekly allowance later... Do let me know if you are interested?

Did l actually miss a new job opportunity here?

Then Mr Texas sending me a picture of his appendage! What is wrong with men that do that?
Honestly.. the amount of penises l have seen in my life time, due to the nature of my job. Crikey.. like l need anyone else sending me more!
My instagram is now set to private. I'm strictly wholesome. I have innocent eyes😌

Anyway.. i'm tired

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
My friend's and family💕
'J' you still rock it😌