Notes of Consciousness

Compressed Emotion Repressed Cognition
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2023-01-08 16:16:40 (UTC)

Trying to write unfiltered and

Trying to write unfiltered and non preoccupied but the revised wording is already filtering out the thoughts

I couldn’t be a part of your world

I can only be in this world of words and thoughts

Just to exercise the brain while I’m locked inside humiliation and shame

There are so many areas of resistance that cause the pinball to bounce off of or maybe it just lands in the gutters

There seem to be three worlds of human evolution going on: the social world of self : the world of self : the god-particle calibration within self

Dimensions of self and physics of self

Stuck inside the vacuum of me

The expansion effect from the egocentric sphere of self doesn’t allow me to see that every individual is their own fractal machine seeing the expansion from their positioning : time dilation

Every single person is wanting to see themselves in someone else

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