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2023-01-08 06:11:53 (UTC)

A Whole Lot Of Nothing

There's not much to tell about today...
I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I spent most of the day in bed until I had to get ready for work. Sigh.

At this point I have to wonder if staying in bed is actually making me sicker? Because once I got to work I felt fine.

Unfortunately it was another short day..They already had two guys scheduled for dish, so that left me with absolutely nothing to do.
To get at least a few hours I did some extra cleaning...but that only took about three hours. My check is going to suck. We are three days into the pay period and I only have 7 hours so far....yikes

I'm trying not to stress too much though...
A few days ago I did a card reading for myself (trying to determine if I am going to get this cleaning job or not) and the card I pulled from my fairy deck was: Pure Spirit/Purification.

This card tells me that it's time to cleanse myself of all negativity. It's a time to let go of things that don't serve me. And I need to let myself rest and heal.

I'm not sure that answered my question...but maybe?
The job I have doesn't really serve me. I mean yeah, it is a paycheck, but no matter how hard I work it's just not enough.

Last week I had to overdraft on my account..Once those overdrafts were paid when I got my check.. I had a whole.97.
This and next week is going to be short too.

Anyways, on the way home from work tonight I thought about going down to sit by the water. I made an excuse to myself that my feet were a little sore and decided not to go.
Now it's going on 1am and I am regretting not going.

I think I am going to start making myself go for walks again on my days off. Hopefully that will help me be more focused and get some of my energy back. Actually it wouldn't kill me to go a few more times during the week as well.. I don't work till 4, so there's a whole morning that's open for me to go.

Well, I'm going to straighten up my room a bit and try to get some sleep. I'm not at all tired tho.

Aimee 💜

Oh, I got a cute picture of my momma cat (Squiggles) and one of her babies. So adorable 🥰