Evolving marriage
2023-01-08 03:30:05 (UTC)

3 Times in 1 Night

Dear Diary,
Oh my gosh Im so tired, sitting on the couch downstairs at the beach rental. Husband is upstairs. My legs are so sore! My calves and my inner thighs! More on that later.

I went to my hometown and it was great as usual. Got all filled up with Love and connecting with friends and my oldest son. Went by my Moms grave, drove by my old house I raised the kids in and where my parents lived also. And my childhood home. Visited with G at her business for 2 hrs, and Mr Old Guy at his shop (hes 92!) and sat for a good 2 hrs with him. Went to see N, at her house and her husband had passed 2 christmas's ago, she is lonely, sat on the couch with her and talked some (she has been in our lives since before I was born, friends with my mom and bluebird leaders together for my sisters) Got to see my hairdresser/gf and catch up. LOts of hugs, tenderness, praise, affection, encouragement, catching up. All of these people, all wonderful people, and this is what going home is like, I didnt even get to see everyone I would like to visit. But I tend to fill up my days with these visits. And my heart is just so full. Also went to Sushi dinner with my oldest and met his gf, She was so super sweet, things went well and I got to hug my kiddo. His beard is so big and bushy and he looks like his Dad.

I stayed with my childhood friend, he works in radio so his house has the station going at all times and he works at home most of the wk, so its like a studio in his bedroom. His dog was thrilled I was there and greeted me excitedly everytime I came and went and wanted to sleep with me (I let him last time, no thanks, he kept waking me up to go out or he lay in my way) so he scratched at the door hoping to get in. My friend and I didnt get to go out to eat this time as he was working so much. Im super worried about him, we are same age, but he had a stroke during co vid, after getting the you know what. And hes put on so much weight now and isnt moving much, and he is snoring and talking in his sleep like hes in a panic, I told him I could hear him. Not sure if its Apnea or what, I heard him blurt out "OH NO!" and Im in the other room.

You just want to shake people and tell them to take care of themselves. Hes a workaholic and not doing anything else, and I hate to see how his health has gone. I want him to stick around! Hes a great guy and one of my oldest friends.

I drove back home up the coast and the weather was incredible! Stopped in Santa Barbara, it was in the 60s! Parked right along the beach, walked on the sand barefoot, wore a sleeveless shirt, walked to the end of the pier for Ceviche, Clam Chowder and a Mimosa over the water. Talked to friends on the phone while driving around with windows down. Yes this is California. Went to the courthouse clock tower to overlook the city (and where husband and I got married was in that tower) I drove to Solvang from there and stopped at the Danish Bakery for some goodies before driving the rest of the way back up the coast to hubby. THat drive just makes me so happy and feel so great, driving along the ocean and coast line is wonderful. Its so green everywhere from all the rain and beautiful.

Husband I had been apart for 3 days/2 nights. And well. When I got in, he had the mood music, the lighting, and I had said to have things read for our own party. I said I wanted to unload and get in the shower. Which I did, I was so non relaxed from driving all day, so I had to decompress some and just laid on him in bed awhile as he rubbed my shoulders. I had a night shirt on and he was naked, and I was laying on his abdomen. He had the edibles ready we just go, this nano one that works more quickly.

Adult Sexual Content Ahead

After I stared to relax, I started to rub his thigh, and soon enough he was starting to get hard, my face was just above his cock, and I thought Hmmm.... I held and stroked it, then leaned it over to my lips a few times to slowly kiss the head, but then back to the massage, he moaned at the kissing. Eventually I had it in my mouth and I could tell how much he was enjoying it, I kept at that quite awhile but also didnt want him to cum either. We had more party plans. So I then moved up and made out with him kissing him. From there it was riding him then him flipping me on my back on the edge of the bed and using a larger penis sleeve on me. Oh god, how good it felt, talking about stretching me out and me taking it like a good girl. Oh yeah Im a good girl alright!

I so love to be told what a good girl I am, its a turn on

we went at it for a long time, I was spread wide on the edge of the bed and he just let me have it, orgasm after orgasm with no stopping to let me rest, driving me crazy to total exhaustion. By the end we literally passed out naked early. I cant even say what time it was, but it was before 10pm. I woke up after 4am, and each time I moved or woke, the bed felt so good, warm, cozy and his skin next to mine and just running my foot over his leg felt so good, Id just moan with pleasure sounds at just the feel of him and pressed my ass back into him and put his arm over my chest. I got his attn pretty quickly and he was once again inside me while spooning me from behind, then I got on my back as he was facing me laying down on his side, we did that for awhile then I got back on top of him to ride him. There is this thing I like to do lately. While riding him, sitting straight up, I pull my legs up bent on each side of him and then tuck my feet under his thighs, he lifts up and holds them down. Its very hot, it keeps me trapped and my body from moving and myself spread the way it is, and I love it and I just love being pinned that way so I cant move off him and have to take whatever happens and I wont accidentally come off or him slip out when its like that.

I am being as vocal as I want as we have no direct neighbors and land on each side of us and we are on vacation if you will in a beach house in a king size bed having hot sex, so Im shouting whatever the damn hell I want or yelling and moaning as loud as I want, not screaming exactly but close to it. Its so fun to let go like this. Im not this noisy at home because my neighbors WOULD hear me and be concerned!

We passed back out again and awake around 8:30 and well,,,, yeah, I was on him again, he was kinda shocked, and I rode him once again and he was sucking on my nipple and his other hand touching my ass, penetrating my ass with his finger and making me go crazy. He said "Wow, it took only 20 yrs for us to realize how freaky we both are, why did we wait so long?" I dont know I was too busy going nuts to talk!

I rode him good and hard and then saw it was 9am, we had a 12 step meeting in an hour, so had to wrap it up, hit the shower, and whew!

I just walk around giggling to myself thinking of what we were just doing and how good it felt.

We got ready and went to our first meeting, it was really good, a lot of Moms with sons like mine, drugs and mental issues, and them dealing with adult children and not enabling and having to create distance and do self care and the turmoil.

A gal came up and asked my husband and I out , we are going out to meet with her tomm to chat. There were 4 other women there who Ive already known, so more hugs and good to see you.

We went to brunch after was so good, then I dropped husband off for next meeting, he said hed stay behind. Nice intimate small group, and more intimate talk of things we deal with and it was good and awesome and oh how I miss my meetings!!!!!!!!!

Came back to the house after to pick up hubby, it was cloudy but no rain yet and we went to do our daily walk on the boardwalk. Oh my legs are so exhausted and I said my inner thigh. I think it was from last nights sex to be honest, the inner thigh ache especially with all the positions I was in last night and how long we went at it, how intense it was and how it was 3 different times.

So Im on the couch, have been for hours, I should get in the tub with epsom salt and soak to help with the aches...

But it feels so good, to be fucked so hard and so good by him. Feeling so close and passing out. It makes life so much better, I feel better in general and when we are out I just want to hold onto his arm or hand and touch his back while we eat and grab his thigh and kiss him. This fills my love tank, we have been getting along so much better as I have said since we did that enneagram quiz.

If I had the energy and my legs didnt hurt so bad Id go after him again but he would probably say Nooo Noo No more! LOL

Okay, need to wrap this up for the eve and get myself upstairs...

Im very happy we make this happen each yr, our sex life increased and improved during this trip a yr ago, and once again its hot and sexy again, if he didnt have to work, there would be more of this! But we make most of our sexy hot wknds