Lost for words at times
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2023-01-07 22:22:24 (UTC)

Skeptical about Manchild, Unloyal fur baby😾

Manchild turned up at 6pm Wednesday to take me to work as he said he would. We sat talking about nothing in particular. Mainly, about his band and the new songs he has introduced. I told him that when he next has a gig, i'd consider going to watch them.
He then had this hair brain idea.. he'd teach me to play a guitar if l wanted. It wouldn't be on one of his electric guitars, but one of his acoustic's.
Now l know something is wrong with him. Never before, have l been allowed to touch one of his precious guitars. We both agreed to Sunday afternoon.
Although, l was enthusiastic at the time, i've now had a few days to think about his motives and i'm seriously skeptical about everything.

Last night, l had a knock at my door. It was an older lady asking me if l was Toby's owner! Toby is my feline fur baby. She knew his name, as a few years ago she posted a picture of him on 'spotted' in our area asking if he had an owner. My hairdresser contacted her who saw the post and knew it was Toby. Telling her his name and where he lived. Just over the back garden fence!
I thought this woman was about to tell me he was dead in a ditch or something but no.. she told me about the secret life my fur baby has been living. She had been Toby's mistress for the past 4 years! Toby had complete freedom of her house. Often or not turning up at 9am for breakfast of bacon and eggs that she cooked him. Then he would go to sleep all day on her adult son's bed or her grandson's outgrown bouncy chair. Toby, would often or not stay over once a week, all night!
This family had become really attached to my fur baby. He even had christmas gifts. Toby often or not got called 'Charlie' which was this woman's grandson. Then poor Charlie was often or not called Toby. So this family had become really attached to him. She had over 400 plus pictures and video's of my fur baby. Which she shared with me when we exchanged phone numbers.
Low and behold there are pictures of him chilling out on her couch, various beds, on laps of various people, loads of him in this bouncer, on her garden furniture the list goes on and on.


The reason why she knocked the door, was because she is moving Monday. She is worried incase Toby starts acting up and being l didn't know about his secret double life i'd been none the wiser as to what is wrong with him.
I actually asked her if she wanted me to pack his kitty bags up so he could move in with her, but no she can't have him.

Great!! My fur baby has been living a double life for the past 4 yrs. Me... countless times out on the streets calling him. Even when storm Eunice was unleashing hell l was out looking for him. And where was he, shacked up in her house. The countless times i've been beside myself because of wondering where he was. Toby is grounded now until she moves out Monday, this woman wants to give me his favourite bed the baby bouncer.

I literally don't have the word's

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
My friend's and family💕