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2023-01-07 23:02:52 (UTC)

Happy day

Everyone should have a husband like mine. I woke up at 8:30 AM by the alarm. After opening my eyes, I saw a note on the side table, "At the gym. Enjoy your morning with coffee. Love you." There was a coffee mug and a mini thermo-flask filled with coffee. I genuinely love this kind of thing. It gives me butterflies in my stomach. Btw the coffee had less sugar than my normal taste. I added a little bit and then it was perfect. I didn't tell him about it. While returning he bought one rose for me. I was head over heels. According to him, I act like a kid. If he is such cute, shouldn't I jump?
Afterward, he was busy with his work and I read some books. Healthwise, I am doing well today. In the evening, we watched some series. Overall the day was happy-happy. This guy loves me so much.