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2023-01-07 06:45:31 (UTC)

The tattoo option | earth day

On occasion I’ll make a comment that’s kinda leading and kinda probing. I want to know the answer and I’m asking.

Today I was far more direct. I have been thinking through and sketching a tattoo. I don’t want to walk into a shop and be like give me the third one in page 42… I want to make my own, and have reasons each part of it. A long time ago I drew a poem and really thought for sure I was going to get that one, but I just never did.

I’ve talked about my mental health, and I’ve had my share of deep blacks that pepper my history. Some… three actually, we’re black holes that left me scarred, numb and wondering how I got through.

This design has 3 semicolons. Built around the number three. I’m trying to make it 3-D… it isn’t ready for ink yet. The thing is, I don’t want to explain it. I don’t actually want to look at anyone and explain about my mental health. I don’t want it to really scream “I’m three semicolons”…

When someone looks at it, I want them to look at the design and think it’s cool… and that’s about it. I don’t want Her to ask me about why I want this.

A friend of mine used to do his own with a needle and ink. This might be a bad idea.

On another topic. I’m entering my book into a competition. I might as well see what people think about it, right? I wish these competitions weren’t so expensive. Also I’ve entered an earth day festival that’s built around literacy and kid lit. I’ll need to buy a tent probably. I’ll also have to get signage and stuff together. Who knows… maybe these things will pay off. Not one of my previous events paid off… but at some point, that bison either needs to spend all it’s money and fold, or succeed. I hope the second one is still possible. I’d like to make enough to publish my second book.