Subtropical Lady

Where Pelicans Fly
2023-01-07 01:44:41 (UTC)

Just Give Me an Appointment!

The phone game frustration goes on! Tom finally got a hold of the doctor and of course they are out of network. He then called the insurance and of course they can’t talk to him without my approval. If I could have been available to give my approval, then I could have made the damn calls myself! He was able to ask them questions in general like how we should handle it if Galileo gives us a referral to a doctor that is out of network. They said the best option is to call Galileo (I didn’t know they could be called) and that way we can get it resolved quicker. They did ask which doctor we had a referral for. When they checked their system they said that office should be in network (so it isn’t Galileo’s fault, the computer list is wrong).

Then Jessie told me good luck getting a GI doc because even though it’s an emergency, Belle can’t see one until at least February. No wonder I started having a vibe saying I won’t be going under the knife until late February. I know her daughter had an emergency appendectomy but what other emergency is going on with her, I don’t know. Thank God for urgent care and ERs! Not worried that my gallbladder will turn into an emergency situation, though. I also didn’t realize Belle moved down here. Jess said she didn’t think she would because she doesn’t like hot weather.

The weather is anything but hot now. We've got another cold spell on us. We’re having lows in the 40s and 50s.

Said hello to Irma and Richard earlier when I opened the door to check on the plant I put outside. They were heading off somewhere.

They had the AC people out last night at 10:30 and I could hear them rummaging around in back. If they need a new unit, I really hope it isn’t installed when I’m sleeping! They’re way too close!

It was weird because the honker was heading out in his truck and had to have seen her waiting at the end of her driveway, obviously wanting to say hi or whatever. He couldn’t have missed her yet he ignored her completely. His fellow honker and door-slamming visitors are still here. If I read correctly, school starts in Canada on the 11th, so they better hurry up and get going. It’s got to be a 2-3 day drive.

To my surprise, it looks like I’m finally getting some cacti sprouting up amongst the dill which is doing great. Maybe I was underwatering it although I would think cacti wouldn’t need that much water.

The smudge bowl burner came today. It’s a nice abalone shell. Not impressed with the smell of Palo Santo, though.

The new slicer is great. If only it diced too, in various sizes and then I wouldn’t need the rainbow box grater or the two dicers. With limited counter space and cabinets, it’s best to not have as many appliances and utensils.

During a bored moment, I researched my therapist out of curiosity to learn what I could about her. Looks like I did a good job of picking older, but I’m not so sure about a non-gay hater. Or is she really a hater? I don’t know how I missed it, but her faith is listed as Christian, and biblically-based Christian counseling is part of her services.

She has a very common name, but how many people with her name could be a therapist in one state? So could she be sitting there thinking, well, I want to help this person with her anxiety and depression but she kissed a girl in the 90s and liked it so it’s too bad she’s going to hell?

She asked me where I thought I might go after I killed myself if I did and I felt as if it was to see if I would say that I was afraid I might rot in hell or something. In reality, I don’t know if there’s any form of punishment for those that kill themselves or others or if people just say that to scare people out of doing those sorts of things.

Tom said she’s not much of a therapist if she cares about that sort of thing, but doubts that she does. I wouldn’t think so either but it’s worth mentioning to her. She’s known all along that I’m bi, so if she really did have a problem with it she could have dropped me.