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2023-01-07 03:20:26 (UTC)

Traveling is good but ..

Traveling is good but traveling 24 hours with a car is not good. The whole day I can hear the vibration of the car. I feel nauseous. Additionally, today I woke up late. 1:30 PM. I dreamt that I was excessively swearing at someone. In reality, I never used any bad words for anyone. Some dreams are crazy.
The gap between my last night's dinner and today's breakfast was huge so I was feeling extra nauseous because of acidity. My period date is near and I am having cramps. Altogether, for the time being, my body is not a suitable place where my beautiful spirit can live in. This ghost needs a new body to possess.
My maid will not come tomorrow, she will go to a marriage ceremony. Gladly, my husband is here. So the cooking problem is solved.
Sadly, it is extremely cold here. Today was the coldest. According to my husband, this weather is comforting. I can't blame him. The place he was habituated, was colder than this.
Anyway, I am going to sleep and wishing not to sleep that late!