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2023-01-06 15:55:37 (UTC)

Feeling Better

It's been a lazy week...
Partly because I've been sick and not able to do much other than sleep.

But I feel better today. I don't know if it is that I'm finally getting over whatever big I had, or if it's just excitement over the possibility of a new job? Seems I started feeling better when I was called in for an interview.

The job isn't exactly what I want... It's still restaurant. But it's only cleaning and maintenance. From the job description it feels easier than what I'm doing now. I will have to see. Maybe I will like that better?

Other than that.. Not a lot going on.
Corey and Bryan are both sick. Probably the same thing I've been sick with...Damn.

Well I will probably write more later. I'm on the bus and gotta watch for my stop.

Aimee 💜