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2023-01-05 21:07:15 (UTC)


I’m sure there’s a plausible explanation for this, but something really weird happened after I finished Aly’s goodbye letter yesterday that Helen wanted me to write. After ending the letter by saying I hoped we would meet up if there was an afterlife, I turned away from the screen for a split second with speech-to-text still running. When I turned back, the word “OK” was at the end of the letter. No joke. Again, there’s probably a plausible explanation like if I sniffled or coughed or something. In the past, if I’ve hiccuped or burped it’s printed the word “them” or “him.” Not sure how you would get a two-syllable word that doesn’t sound like any noise I would make, though, so let’s just say it was a rather interesting experience that makes me wonder.

I feel like I’ve literally lost half of my hair or more over the years. I know hair loss is common with age and especially menopause, but it seems like a single braid is thinner than what one of two braids used to be way back when.

Trying to get ahold of a GI doc in a rural area is pretty ridiculous. Tom tried another number today, but he got the same voice message. Tomorrow, he’s going to contact our insurance and find out who the hell we can call that will actually answer us. I’d really like to get the show on the road! I know it’s going to take more than one appointment to get the gallbladder removed. After seeing whatever gut doctor will see me, I will probably have to have a consultation with a surgeon. Upon a quick check of this gut doctor, he doesn’t do that kind of surgery. He shoves cameras up people’s asses and down their throats but doesn’t seem to remove body parts.

The way I felt sick after Red Lobster could probably be blamed on the gallbladder. Now that I think of it, yes, I ate a lot but I’ve pigged out before and didn’t get that feeling. I’ve had big meals at restaurants before and it shouldn’t leave me with such acid reflux and nearly puking.

I’m back down a couple of pounds, so I didn’t go up because of my thyroid but because I was eating too much junk. Based on my calculations, I’m guessing taking five 88s a week and two 75s is going to put my TSH at 6. Not dangerous but not low enough to lose more weight. Hopefully, it will keep the anxiety away, especially if I keep the dose consistent. I think knowing I have Helen also helps. Once I get to the 18th where I have six weeks until lab time, I’m going to increase my waiting time from 30 to 45 minutes. I don’t know if this will affect anything, though it may give me more energy.

He was able to bump my ENT appointment up to February 3rd. My ear definitely needs to be cleaned.

Not sure why it took a year but my old ENT finally turned my records over to Galileo.

I planted a mixture of seeds in the planter that has the single Petra leaf that survived. But then I noticed these tiny, little bugs so I put it outside. Didn’t really want that planter anyway because it’s not self-watering.

The dill is doing great and starting to get that feathery look the ends have.