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2023-01-05 22:22:47 (UTC)


My friends are texting me, "What are you doing? Let's catch up etc."
I am like, "I am busy, doing this or that. Moving mountains. Measuring the depth of the ocean and so on."
In reality, I am on my bed and taking a lot of rest. I can tell them about this but they will be like, "Let us join you then." They will visit me then. I am not in the mood. After this vacation, I will not find another pure vacation like this . And honestly, I want to spend time with myself. I mean, I am such a nice company, who would not like to enjoy it?
Today, my semi-intelligent brain was having some thoughts today. They say, live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow. A lot of people might disagree with me but I don't appreciate such thoughts. Maybe they mean to say, do everything with dedication. And maybe much more which I don't even understand. Being a human, if I start thinking that I will die tomorrow, I will have some emotional outbursts. I would never be able to do any work. It gives me a negative vibe. Instead, I want to live my life as a newborn baby. As if I am taking birth daily. Watching the sunrise for the first time and so on.

Anyway, I have no idea why I keep mentioning, "being human" words. I mean, if I was a bird instead of a human, I would not write here. Well, for the time being, I hate birds. They aren't as cute as I thought. At the end of 2022, there was a pigeon that randomly pooped on my hand. That bird used me as a washroom but did not have the basic manner to offer me some water or tissue. I had to clean it on my own. My husband said, "the pigeon's boyfriend was admiring you so that bird chose to attack you." But in my opinion, if I see such a cute washroom like me, would not I use it? Hell yes!