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2023-01-05 10:01:51 (UTC)

Status update: feeling sick

My mom is right to say I did this to myself. I did. I stayed up until 5, doing hw with tuonto playing in the bkg until I was caught up with math. Then SHOWERING and going to bed only to decide to read Omniscient Reader instead. Getting a total of however-many-hours-I-slept-during-that-after-school-nap yesterday afternoon.

As of a few minutes ago, along with the symptoms of sleepiness, my stomach is also acting like a blackhole just opened up inside it. I’m hungry? Or maybe I actually am feeling sick. Because the water didn’t help. I ate dinner things yesterday. No breakfast today but I didn’t think that would change anything since it never does. But it’s such an uncomfortable feeling paired with the tiredness in my eyes and arms.

It feels horrible. And I did this to myself. And if I don’t go back to class right now instead of skipping in them bathroom, I’ll have even more work to regret not doing in class. But it’s so cold in there. And my stomach…

I’ll write a little story and then leave.

Peep the random handsome old guy in the pic- ok nevermind school internet won’t let me upload pics, how trashy.

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