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2023-01-04 23:59:45 (UTC)

Next Door Returns

We weren’t able to get ahold of the doctor today. I guess this doctor has three different offices in three different locations and no one was working in the one he called. He left a message before I got up, so hopefully they’ll call him back. It’s really gonna piss me off if they tell him he’s not in network. I just want to get the show on the road and get this gallbladder out of me. I’m not in pain, per se, but it definitely makes me uncomfortable at times. I still get intermittent cramping, acid reflux, and mild nausea.

I asked some people on my Facebook profile and the park group if they’ve had their gallbladder removed and what it was like afterward, and most people said it’s no big deal, as expected. What did surprise me was that Becky said she continued to eat the same things after surgery. I thought I would have to cut a lot of different foods out, but maybe only in the beginning.

Irma wished me luck and said, “Your neighbor is here!”

Yeah, we saw. They have a new vehicle too. I like the color better than the other one. We also saw the water company turn their water on.

Made salmon patties for the first time, and they came out okay. Perhaps a little bland, so I think I’ll probably add a little more mayonnaise to the mixture that I have leftover, as well as some garlic salt. All it contains right now besides the salmon and a touch of mayo is flour, cornmeal, green onions, and an egg.

I was supposed to have some of these ingredients yesterday, but Walmart fucked up yet again. They brought us everything but our refrigerated stuff. When he called to get our money back, they promised him it would never happen again and he told them, wow, that’s pretty funny since it’s already happened three or four times.

Of course it will happen again!

For now, I only stuck one of the fake nails on the split nail to hold it together and prevent me from snagging it because it’s so long that it makes functioning hard. I’d hate to have them on every single finger! I’ll put stickers on the other fingers. It might be better to put several layers of nail polish on the torn nail.

I’m a little tired today but not as bad as yesterday. I napped for a little while in the evening. I wonder how much of the fatigue could be connected to my gallbladder, but I don’t dare dream and tell myself that maybe the anxiety is connected to that since I read it can cause anxiety and depression and that I won’t have these spells afterward. Besides, just like Tom and Helen pointed out, it’s likely multiple things causing it. The more I eliminate, the better, though. I’ve done well for a couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll go longer.

When I was woken up by acid reflux a couple of nights ago, I swear I was in some very real but different world. I don’t remember a damn thing but just the feeling it gave me. It was as if I literally went somewhere that I can only go when I’m asleep. Where I normally remember most of a dream if I wake up during it, this one fizzled out of my memory in seconds, as if I wasn’t meant to remember this place that I can only go to when my mind is asleep. It was the weirdest thing, but kind of cool. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe but distinct from waking up from the average dream. I’m learning to read my dreams and differentiate between meaningless dreams, dreams that could be a reflection of my life and thoughts, dreams that could be a sign of something, and dreams that could be me slipping into another universe.