Never Broken
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2023-01-04 14:51:53 (UTC)

Good Wednesday

I took my wee dog to the vet Monday as he was again ill. The vet said that the antibiotics he was on for the infection he had killed off all the good bacteria in his gut and that is why he was again throwing up and having the squirts. He gave us some special food with probiotics in and a spray to go in his mouth or on his food. Of course, since he is extremely picky, I did not think he would eat the food, but he loves it. Puts his little snout in the bowl before I can even get it down.

Things are otherwise good. Got the messages yesterday and the day before. Going to the vape store in a few minutes to pick up my month’s supply of vape.

I spoke to S the other day. She is having boyfriend troubles. I don’t feel sorry for her. The man is abusive and she knows it and she stays with him anyway. And this is a person who *can* walk away. I understand not everyone in an abusive relationship can get out, but she can. She just stays with him because she doesn’t have anyone else. Then he is an ass and she complains to me. I didn’t even read her texts yesterday. I just deleted them.

Anyway, I should get myself dressed so I can be on my way.

Wee pup is much better.