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2023-01-04 12:07:17 (UTC)

New year

It's Wednesday, the 4th of January, 2023. Since my last entry, a lot of things happened, many good and a little bit bad. I got very busy, then I was out of town, and I had fun. Followed by: I got a tiny injury, I had an anti-tetanus injection and other medicines... Then the love story began. Pain, fever...Candlelight dinner date with paracetamol... Today I am a little bit fine but very much sleepy. Hopefully, within 2-3 days, I will be perfectly okay. I was not expecting my new year to be started this way but it's all right. Things happen that's life.

Last year, I bought a lot of clothes. Additionally, I got a lot of clothes as gifts. And of course, I had many in my wardrobe. So the conclusion is, I should not buy any clothes in 2023. Theoretically, it is the right thing to do. Practically, being a woman, I have no idea how long I would be able to resist myself. But at least I can try.

I have a bad habit of not deleting emails or sms. Last year I read emails but never deleted them thinking, one day I will delete them together. When that one day came, I ended up deleting more than 3k emails. As the emails were too old, I had to re-read many of them as they were important and needed to be preserved. This was a very boring process. It is better to check and delete daily.
Other than these, I need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.
Maybe there are a few stuff needed to be changed here and there but I am not able to remember them right now. I can figure them out later on.

For the last few days, I and my husband are rarely in contact. I was busy having fun and he is busy with work. The day after tomorrow, he will return. That is a good part.

The Sunday that is coming after this Sunday there is a tiny get-together with neighbors at my home. I am excited about this.