Up All Night
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2023-01-03 21:30:15 (UTC)


Recieved my pay today instead of Monday or Friday. Bought myself McDonald's for lunch, including coffee. Bought personal care items like body wash and razors, etc. Bought soda this morning and my groceries were delivered today. Next weeks pay is going to do the laundry. I have four bags of laundry to do. I'll have to hand wash some items so I can survive until then. Tomorrow I get my dose of Prolastin C. I haven't had my weekly dose in two weeks. It is for my lungs.

So it's 2023. I want to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose by 2024. I'm 30 pounds down so far. I've had quite a few cheat days so that's why I haven't lost more. All I'll have today is the McDonald's.

More maybe later ...