■ Captain's Log ■
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2023-01-03 14:38:38 (UTC)


In God, Adam and Eve is meant to be as one. He sees Adam is better with Eve, to have a best social life with children as a family. It makes the sight content and by the law can be fullfilled. The fruit took by Eve and Adam made the world started. And it reveals by the Christ, those believes in Christ, its certain for the couple will by the marriage to become one. Just like Adam and Eve.
For other cases, the fate in the lord Jesus is good as well in Father's sight. With or without marriage either way made the world have a purpose to seek each individual's divine life. But only those by the Jesus can be pleased by our Father. Mostly the wise mention do not follow the flesh, and fear our Lord. This is to keep in the heart of young and those knowledgeable to have fate in bible.