Lost for words at times
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2023-01-03 06:00:53 (UTC)

Made Mistake's Already😌

I didn't ever think i'd be writting about this person again. Manchild!
Christmas eve he texted me Merry Christmas and said if l found thing's difficult l could call upon him. I thanked him and reciprocated the guesture. He told me that he had been very ill with a bad case of flu and hadn't been able to do much. I politely asked him if he needed anything to let me know, which l never got a replie. Thinking no more of it or him until today. He texted me to wish me a happy new year. Again.. l reciprocated the guesture. Then this afternoon l had a knock at the door and it was him. Speechless.."what do you want?" I asked him. "You have my drill and l need it?" Was his replie. So l offered him in out of politness, made him coffee and got him his drill.

We sat chatting about what we had both been going through, since we last saw each other. He looked like he had lost alot of weight, his face was care worn, almost sad looking. He apologised again about alot of thing's but mainly for being a disappointment. He said he was nolonger drinking at all. I think he could tell l wasn't that impressed as l had heard most of it all before. Then l asked him what he truely wanted? "Just to be friend's atleast" Uh huh..Now let me think about that? As l looked up at the time. l was going to be late for work, so he offered to take me. As he dropped me off, he said he would be happy to take me to work tomorrow night, and what did l say? That would be great thank you.

Am l stupid?
Am l going to be writting another year about him?
How does this happen?
I have no self control. Maybe l should text/call him tomorrow and say i'll be fine walking to work but thanks for the offer and that will be the end of it.
Or can l just keep him on the friend's page?
It makes me feel anxious just thinking about it.


On a lighter note..
I started my IPL (Intense pulsed light)
treatment's today. I have always wanted one of those machines but they have been out if my price league. Just before christmas l paid of all my silly little debt's, my credit card is now clear and gone along with a few others. So i'm debt free.
I had money given to me for christmas and being l don't need anything because of my previous history of buying stuff that l don't really need. l looked into buying a IPL and found one reduced from £600 down to £240 bargin. So l ordered one, l treated myself😌
The only problem is because l go tanning once aweek, l have to be 48 hours either way before using this machine. So now l have to find away of using this machine aswell go tanning. Today.. l thought i'd use it as l didn't go tanning due to the good ole British weather (no fun getting naked if your soaking wet)
Do a patch test it says.. Uh huh.. who does that? I assembled this thing.. take in mind l have never used one before so l wasn't aware of what to expect. Where did l decide to try this impliment out on? only my god damn 'mini' aka my bikini area. Jesus christ.. l pressed the button 'Zap' heck that hurt! Did l stop doing it? Nope, l carried on. Why?? Now l see, why they say, do a patch test first🤔🙄. I just hope my 'mini' survives the error of my ways.

It looks like i've made mistakes already this year in many ways. Lets see!

Until next time, take care of you x

Grateful for
My friend's and family💕