Life of secrets
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2023-01-02 17:47:08 (UTC)


Got a phone call from an old friend today. She told me she had an abortion last year. Her second one. I don’t know how people get pregnant so easy…. And she’s all the things they tell us not to be when you’re struggling to conceive. She smokes heavily, overweight, doesn’t eat any of the right foods and drinks too much.

Also found out that a mutual friend of ours is pregnant. I had a feeling. I’ve been waiting for her official social media announcement.

Really wish it could be me. I feel like it will be… at some point…. But sad that it’s taking so long. Sad that it’s not easy for me. Why isn’t it easy for me ?

This year HAS to be different. I can’t go on another year not getting pregnant. It had to happen soon….