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2023-01-02 17:45:34 (UTC)

Christ to create

God at the 6th day of His creation, He created human by His own image. Notice we were made by the mud, His breath made Adam alive. But fall into sin by the fruit of knowledge. I wonder what to do then can please the creator by life.
It brings me focus to the truth, each of us have a divine life to spend. And the sin should be covered by love. God create us by His own image; for animals much of the spirit in mother nature of food chain. There are no other beings superior then human, but the missing files means by the fate of live or dead.
Stories applies by those who found it in time. We should consider of matter a better being can be made. It means eternity is long, and we should have progress in this period of time until God gives again, we can have eternal life. For now, love and surrender, to peace.