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2023-01-02 05:00:33 (UTC)

Why Did I Delete That?

In the now, I know exactly why I deleted all my past entries. But I know that probably in the near future I will be mad as hell at myself and full of regret... So this is my reminder.

For the past several weeks my mind has been stuck in the past...and it was becoming toxic to me.

I have been thinking about several people that I've had in my life and going over conversations that I either had, or should have had. I couldn't stop fixating on things so in an attempt to move forward I deleted everything.

I know the memories will still be there.. but at least the reminders won't be.

And sure there were other posts that didn't leave me with those negative feelings..and I'm sure at some point I will want to look back on them. But is it really necessary?

The past is in the past.
The present is a gift..
And the future is unwritten.

So let's write a better story and create better memories...Shall we?

Aimee 💜