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2023-01-02 03:32:21 (UTC)

I Didn't Get Out Of Bed Today

I didn't get out of bed today...
I don't feel well. My stomach is upset, and have a headache.

I assumed that if I called into work that I'd magically feel better. So I did, and I still feel like crap.

I hope it's not COVID. There's rumors around the store that some of the servers have it and are still working. 🙄 Great.

But honestly it's been weeks since I have gotten out of bed..with the exception of having to go to work. I've got to get out of this hole I'm in.

I did look up cake decorating lessons today. I found a lot of classes that could help me get a career as a pastry chef. But I don't really want to go that route.

I was thinking that maybe I would pursue it more as a hobby. There's lots of videos on YouTube for that.
Maybe I will try to make the family something for Valentine's day... God knows I will still be single..lol

I know that I wrote all of that earlier about my New Year's goals, and living passionately.. I meant what I said..that I want to change the path that I'm on..but it's easier said than done.

Earlier this evening I watched a thick fog roll in and cover our neighborhood. I couldn't help but think how fitting it is for the way I am feeling. Im just lost.. can't even see five feet ahead of me.

I'm off work for the next two days. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.

In other news.. The kittens are five days old..
(I think) their eyes are still closed but they are adorable. I'd post a picture, but momma won't let me near them..

Sadly we lost one of them a couple of days ago. The one that Hunter got to.
It's been a struggle to keep him away from them. He did get to one of the others yesterday, but he didn't hurt it. He was just carrying it around the house...

I made a makeshift cage around her little den. So far it seems to be working, but I don't know for how long. Once those kittens are mobile.. I'm in trouble.

Other than that... Nothing going on.
I hope everyone had a good and safe New Year.

Aimee 💜